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What are your favorite herbs to grow?

What are your favorite herbs to grow?
I like ginger because it's easy to grow and can be use as spice for food too
i like to grow corriander.because it has nice smell and easy to grow.very big adventage of corriander is that it to be used in dishes to creat good smell.i love corriander our house we use fresh corriander a lot
mshafiq wrote:
i like to grow corriander.because it has nice smell and easy to grow.very big adventage of corriander is that it to be used in dishes to creat good smell.i love corriander our house we use fresh corriander a lot

Same here, corrianders are great for almost any meal.
I also have onions, gingers, chilies and a bunch of other herbs in my back yard. These things are ridiculously expensive in the supermarket, partially because they don't sell them in small amount and you don't usually need that much.
Havent really grown any herbs yet, although i once grew a mini tomato plant in my apartment and it turned out great!! Loved the small tomatoes it produced and it lived for 6 months!
I really love growing Pudina(water mint) because of the refreshing smell as well as culinary value. Moreover, it's quite easy to grow.

I also like Tulsi(Holy Basil). This aromatic herb has a religious importance in Hinduism. It also has some medicinal value.
I grow herbs for 3 main reasons: sallads, food flavouring, and tea.
My TOP 3 would be: Mint, Coriander, Rosemary.

Any mint would be really easy to grow and provide you with a refreshing smell and flavour. You can use it in any kind of sallad (vegetable or fruit), juices, milkshakes, soups, deserts, etc. It's specially good for drinks (including tea) and sallads.

Coriander is also great because it's also easy to grow and has great flavour "plasticity". What I mean by this is that it goes with salty, spicy or sweet. Try it on fish soup, curry dishes or with apple slices on a simples vegetable sallad and you'll know what I mean. Not very good for tea or drinks but it's so great on it's other uses that you just have to go with it.

Rosemary is great on everything. Really! You just have to know how to use it. Dry it to have one of the best herb teas you'll find. You can use a little bit of that tea to add flavour to soups or drinks. Slice it fresh (tiny slices) to add it to robust sallads or deserts. Add green little braches with green leaves to your meat while in the owen and get delighted with it's marvelous flavour.

I would spend the rest of the day talking about all the diversity of flavours and uses herbs can give you. There are A LOT of easy growing herbs but this would be my TOP 3 for sure.
Only herb I remember we have grown here is chives. It tastes good in sour cream with potatoes and fish. It can also be spread on top of bread to give some extra taste.
i like tulsi
I like to grow elovara because it is very useful for skin problems.
Cilantro I usually like to grow this herb. Cilantro is easy to grow from seed and I start planting it about this time every spring. I find that it bolts easily so I think that it is handy to plant a few seeds now and then a few more every few weeks for the next month or more. This way, you will have a ready supply through out the summer.
Mint.I like to grow mint also
parsley is also my favorite
Green coriander it is also very easy to grow and have great smell
I have already grow some herbs that used in routine. These are mint, Tulsi, ginger and coriander.
actually i would like to grow all possible kinds of spices used in cooking, in preparing cocktails and so on. but as i live in a climate with quite cold winters, it would be nice if the plants would survive outside on the balcony - unfortunately this is not the case with most of those herbs.. so still there is one feature that i favour, apart from the tastes and smells of the plants: it should be able to stay alive more than just one season. I'd like to have them growing throughout a several years, they shall become little bushes with wooden stems... and they will have bigger flower-pots then as well.
rosemary ( Rosmarinus officinalis)

Inside.. the scent is really great Razz
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