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What plants do you plant?

What plants do you plant?

Do you plant any new plants this month?
This question can not be answered generally. It requires individual consideration, after having become familiar with some facts.

The crop planted in fall or winter start, even at this time of year with the growth. Thus they are planted in the spring of their colleagues keep a step ahead. For this reason, professional gardeners generally prefer the autumn planting season.

If the spring is hot and dry, so you have a lot of watering and care. Already planted in the fall and the propelled plants take an occasional forgetfulness in water much less evil than their in late spring or summer planted colleagues.

Bare root trees and shrubs can be used both in the nursery, as well as when to plant more manageable. In this way, these plants have a price advantage over their brothers and sisters in the container or root ball.

Specific plant varieties are not suitable for transplant as root or goods are to use so critical that the nurseries offering not better in this form. These include, e.g. Coniferous hedge plants or boxwood.

It remains to take into account that a larger planting in cold weather once can turn into a small mud-slinging. In addition to personal inclination appropriate clothing equipment is then absolutely essential in order to enjoy this planting with joy can.

Larger trees and shrubs, hedges with natural earth ball, fruit trees and roses as the root product are excellent candidates for the autumn and winter planting. Provided personal attraction to this work.

If you until the spring time or the necessary leisure to plant these things just then.

Required by the circumstances, or you prefer to work in the summer in the garden, then allow quality container plants planting joy in this season (Well do not forget water!)

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We have potatoes, coriander, squash, a guava tree, etc. at our home.
Used to have a big veggie garden but going to cut it back this year. Last year was far too hot for veggies and we had no rain all year so the garden died. I will turn half of the garden back into grass and just mow it. As for the front garden where we grow roses and other flowering plants I always just plant perennial plants. I can't see the sense in planting annuals and doing it every year.
Now that we have a balcony again, since a long time, I plan to do some balcony-gardening in springtime... in all probability I won't plant the first plants by myself, but buy some, and then put them into some bigger vessels with more earth, so they will have some space to grow. I don't want to make some bonsais, but rather let grow some spices for cooking, thyme, basil, rosemary, oregano, laurel, mint, cilantro, parsley, and so on, we will see. I'd also prefer having some perennial plants!
I am planting some veggies and herbs from seeds this month.

Seeds planted from last few weeks has turned into seedlings.

I will transplant these seedlings in later weeks.
I have papaya, jasmine, chili, aloevera, grass, and many more that i don't know the word in english.
I love roses evergreen plant.i just love to see a lot of flowers in my lawn.It smells really nice and red color is my favourite that's why i love this plant.
I didn't plant any plant this year but I am looking for some suitable plant. Plant with unique characteristics or a very beautiful plant or a miniature plant will appeal to me.
Far too early to plant anything here. Not until after last normal frost (late April) I usually plant a few tomatoes and peppers just to watch them grow. This year I will be planting a golden popular to replace a tree I lost late last year.
Still waiting to plant this year. In the past it has been flowers and veggies. I was thinking of making a sunflower patch as I'm never grown them before.
i realy love palm trees...
We are planting some carrots, potatoes, tomatoes and other vegetables in our garden in summer.

And inside we grow some flowers.
I used to plant carrots at home ten or more years ago and year ago I had a tomato plant on my balcony. I am addicted to tomatoes (seriously Wink) so I wanted to check out how would tomatoes grown up by me taste. Well - they were just tomatoes, honestly Wink.

Anyway, I am not any type of gardener so I don't care of plants at home as I would have forgotten about them so they would just dry and die sooner or later.
I plant orange three's, im fanatic for oranges :3 dont you?

I would love to plant anothers things but i live in an apartement x.x
Nothing just some basic plants - some flowering like Roses etc
I have lots of plats Smile
I Have a small cactus plant collection. Bit neglected these days but they survive.
i like to grow ever green Camelia butterfly bush,pine tree,Dogwood etc.
I used to plan a couple of corns, not necessarily for harvesting, but watching them grow and manually pollinate them could be a great fun.
some flowers maybe, rose Embarassed
This summer some beetroots and celery roots are growing in my yard.
I love to plant flowering plants. I have a small garden in my backyard. I grew some flowering plants like Rose, Jasmine and sunflower. I create a charming look and enhance the beauty of my house.
hmmm, actualy whatever i get to plant. Laughing
its all about spending some decent time refreshing myself. Embarassed
Getting ready to harvest the peppers, tomatoes, and cabbage. The apple tree is so full! Going to make apple butter this next weekend.
My cherry tree, well, the birds ate every last one of them before they were even fully ripe. No cherry crop this year.
My catnip and several other mints I grow are being dried for using to make homemade insecticides and tea for the long winter nights.
Did grow some savory for salads. It has been a wonderful addition for a change from the usual salads I have made in the past.
I love orange trees.
The last of August I planted snow peas, they did bloom but no pods to date. I fear they will be frost killed before being productive. I might plant something inside.
Getting ready to harvest the peppers, tomatoes, and cabbage. The apple tree is so full! Going to make apple butter this next weekend.
My cherry tree, well, the birds ate every last one of them before they were even fully ripe. No cherry crop this year.
My catnip and several other mints I grow are being dried for using to make homemade insecticides and tea for the long winter nights.
Did grow some savory for salads. It has been a wonderful addition for a change from the usual salads I have made in the past.
Interested in how you use "catnip and several other mints dried for using to make homemade insecticides and tea". What kind of mints and how to you mix/apply them?
My parents have a country station, so there's so much planted. Starting from apples finishing potatoes.
i actually just started a personal garden in my side yard. it's a personal project for me and i'll enjoy all the benefits that come with planting plants and gardening. Smile

since i started late in terms of the season and the year, i only planted one plant with the seeds i already have. this plant was a green beans plant. so in a number of months, i'll be able to harvest green beans and enjoy the benefits. i like green beans, green beans are not only healthy, but yummy, in my opinion anyhow. Smile

i plan to plant more after winter rolls about. probably potatoes and tomatoes and watermelons and whatever else i can plant and maintain! Smile i'm excited for this as you can tell.
We started doing up the garden. We want to get rid of all the grass so that we don't have to mow anything. It's a bit difficult at the moment with the soil having to much clay. We have had a few surprises when discovering shallow water pipes and drainage while digging. We have so far planted bromeliads, agapanthus. We have a nice mulberry tree and 2 macadamia trees which produce well.

We would one day like a have acreage where we can be as self sufficient as possible. It would be cool to have a nice big lake and be able to extract hydrogen from the water and use the hydrogen for energy for electricity and powering cars.
We have a couple of plants in the terrace of our house. Its been really too long since I have gotten any time to go up there and spend some time. So, that shows that I have not been up there planting any plants or even watering them for a long long time.

But I remember a long time back, I went up there and planted some roses. I got them from someone I knew and then I brought an empty vase, worked an entire day to fill it up and then I planet the rose. It grew pretty well too. Then I forgot about it. I may have to ask someone what happened to it. This is, however, my only experience in planting anything in my house.
we mostly used to grow roses for fragrance and beauty of garden and green coriander and mint for beautiful smell in garden ad also in our food. Coriander and mint both give excellent smell and fresh look to food.we make fresh chatni with coriander and mint and tomatoes daily with our is our tradttion.
Not even a single plant i have planted in this month
I love to plant rose of different colour
I want to plant flowers but there is no space around Sad
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