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Is Hugo Chávez alive?

Since there has been no word from Hugo Chávez since he had cancer surgery in Cuba five weeks ago we spectators, myself included start to ask, could it be that Chavez is dead or in a vegetative condition?
Every move the government makes in his absence is being picked over for clues to what the OPEC nation might look like in a post-Chavez era.
For some in Venezuela this could be great notices but for others this looks like a disgrace.
But a fact is that this situation has shaken the Venezuela republic constitutionally and politically. Some consider Hugo Chávez a dictator others a liberator, in my personal opinion Chaves just destroyed Venezuela.
Rumors say that some latine America leaders are suffering from strange cancers cloud it be that America is tired of them?
I believe he is already dead.

All jokes aside, my fear is that Venezuela will continue on his dictatorship with or without him. Venezuela is already being ran by a faceless government and this is way scarier than having Hugo Chávez goofing around and playing dictator. All we have now are these vague news about Hugo Chávez "gaining strenght" after a surgery. We'll see how long it will take to he "get worse" and finally die.

On the same note, I think Fidel Castro is already dead too. Which makes this open letter attributed to Fidel Castro funny as hell. A dead man talking about another dead man? Talk about humorous!
Vanilla wrote:
I believe he is already dead.

Hilarious poster. I saw the original movie that the poster must have been based on so made me laugh all over again.

Ahhhh managed to find it - Weekend at Bernie's:

Wonder whether the poster is being banned in Venezuela? Twisted Evil

I've been wondering about Fidel Castro as well.
It wouldn't surprise me, but I am sure someone else would rise to take their place. The fate of a country doesn't always rest on one person. Even in dictatorships I believe there are probably hundreds of people that have roles in ruling and decision making, even if there is just one "front man".
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