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Silent Hill Vs Resident Evil?

To Me Silent Hill
that's gr8 for ya... but.. i like resident evil... shooting zombies is much better than say... killing who can't be killed..
to greatly appreciate both games, I find that silent hill is more popular with the more emo of people whereas resident evil is more popular with the rest. I still haven't played about half the silent hill games but with resident evil, I've only yet to beat the outbreak series, the 'gay' wii first-shooter series, and code veronica... which I can't beat because I messed up and missed getting the friggin magnum...!
Silent hill is more into puzzles where I often get stuck. Also weapon is very limited which somehow makes the game scary. I've seen a gameplay of RE and I think it's a better game for those who are easily bored
Same than above, even if both game are about zombies and monsters, Silent Hill is far more frightning. You basicaly try to avoid contact with the monsters where in Resident Evil, especially for the latest one, you end up with powerful guns and just spend time gunning down zombies...
I have to say that I prefer Resident Evil. Well, you may say that Silent Hill is far more frightening - it may be - but there are still even more scary games out there so if I want to play such a game, I would choose something other than Resident Evil or Silent Hill.

Continuing with Resident Evil versus Silent Hill; I prefer the first option as it has more fun and action in the gameplay, it is more like a shooter (even 2nd or 3rd part, not to mention the 5 and the next parts) and I prefer to relax while playing and shooting mindless zombies is a kind of funny Smile
I'm horrified by both, but I've probably played more of Resident Evil. I played with a friend, possibly on the Wii (??) and we were both freaking out and yelling at each other to shoot something and to kill the evil things running at us. Or was that an XBOX game? I mean, we didn't have to walk anywhere, we just watched out character move and all we did was shoot so I think it was on the Wii...

Silent Hill 2 might be the one I played. Scared the pants off me. I still won't play it no matter how terrible the graphics are!
I tend to lean towards Resident Evil more than Silent Hill. Silent Hill has a good back story, but it's too complicated. I don't mean it in that I can't understand it. It just involves much more interpretation and symbolism. I usually don't play video games to think. I like mindless violence in video games. Doesn't require much thought. You see the bad guys and annihilate them.

In Resident Evil, it's pretty clear cut who the "bad guys" are. Most of the B.O.W.S. are pretty much monsters with no conscience or entities you can reason with. Silent Hill is a different story though. The enemies aren't necessarily "bad guys" if you the back story. It's true that you usually end up killing everything, but unlike Resident Evil, there sometimes are consequences for you actions depending on which Silent Hill game it is.

Don't get me wrong, I like a good back story, but I find the majority of time, I just want to play a simple straightforward game. If I'm into a horror game I'd play Silent Hill, but of course there are far more other games one can play for that genre. Resident Evil no longer really seems to be based on a survival horror it originally started as. It moved towards an action/adventure sort of game. I don't mind the change, but the quick time events are just annoying in the later additions especially in Resident Evil 6. Resident Evil 4 and 5, it wasn't that bad. Just like Silent Hill, Resident Evil has some better sequels than others. Some of them are just crap. Others are pretty good. With me, it's usually a hit or miss.
Resident Evil is awful -.- more awful then my font (; i'd go with Silent Hill the director's cut , cool dude
Silent Hill is scarier, if you will.
I mean all the fog and, I only completed Silent Hill 1, and it was amazing, I am now playing Sillent Hill 2.
As for Resident Evil, I played 1,2,3,4 and completed them. I liked 2 and 4 a lot.

But I choose Silent Hill
I think Resident Evil 1 is the best of all serie. Instead, Silent Hill brings so many puzzles and messes with your head with those creepy stories. *_*
Definitely prefer silent hill. Much scarier. Resident evil have become very disappointing since number 3. Has become more about action than survival
I think they are both fun on their own terms. Silent Hill is scarier.

However, I would say that Amnesia: The Dark Descent is one of the scariest games I've ever played.
Silent Hill is a good game but i always prefer Resident Evil series, the scariness in RE series is just a lot different, Silent Hill uses a simple rule "You are in a dark places with nothing really useful to defend yourself" but RE is something different there is not any sign of dark places in RE series to make you afraid.

I remember when i played the first silent hill i remember i was really going mad because i had to use flash light in most places. One of the things that i hate about silent hill is the way that they make the game longer, they just make the game slow by limiting everything you have including lights Very Happy
silent hill obviously héh
Resident Evil - of course.
I think only the same type of people play either game.
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