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Lance Armstrong interview finally he admits he dopes

Lance Armstrong has been for more than a decade a kind of legend on cycling, he earned all
France tours seven consecutive times between 1999 and 2005 , exception for the years he was away because of cancer, in those years Lance Armstrong took the change to create livestrong a foundation to help person on cancer.
Already been a few years since first rumors about lance come to light ,the entire network and process as been exposed we have even seen Tyler Hamilton confess his knowledge and participation on the scam.
Yesterday I listen that the Olimpic consil considers banning cycling from the Olympic Games because of cases like this, do you think this is fair?
Or they just realized that all of the cyclers dope?
Cloud they had done this without some support from the UCI?
In your opinion guys like Lance are the victims or the perpetrators’?
Do you agree with the Olimpic consil?
in her opinion that only a ban of cycling can solve the problem.
What about the other sports aren’t they subject to dope also?
hi Zaxacongrejo,

In your opinion guys like Lance are the victims or the perpetrators’?

He's a perpetrator, because he is/was a leader ! Lance Armstrong called the shots, he was The Boss in the Tour de France ! Whenever other cyclists were found using dope, he had harsh words. Whenever people made excuses or accused others, he had harsh words. Meanwhile, he made millions. If he would not have done that anti-cancer ribbon thing.. I would be more mild about him, because there were SO MANY cyclists who did the same. But Lance Armstrong pretended he was kind of a holy man.

Is he the only one who is guilty ? Nope.. Probably, he was protected by the UCI hot shots all these years. But he knew it. I feel the officials involved should be fired. Lance Armstrong has betrayed his sport, he's guilty and he AND others should pay for being hypocrite all these years.

Do you agree with the Olimpic counsil

Suppose so, yes.. cycling should first be cleaned up. Lance Armstrong was one of very many cyclists, who took the dope and betrayed cyclism, spectators and sponsors. I am very curious what Lance Armstrong is going to say at Oprah Winfreys interview tonight.

other sports

I don;t know but I suppose not so much as cycling.. cycling is the heaviest sport of all.. Maybe everyone between 1995 and 2005 (or.... 2012??) used the EPO stuff because it could not be done without ? Again I think many more people are guilty, but Lance Armstrong played the holy man and therefore he is extra guilty.

Wow that is a huge disappointment
After confessed he dopes and disgrace his life for ever, Lance

Armstrong wants to compete again,awesome.
Which lead me to think, that there's much more behind this interview that what looks like at the first.
Lance Armstrong said:

"If you're asking me do I want to compete again, the answer is hell yes. I'm a competitor,"

"I can't lie to you. I'd love the opportunity to be able to compete, but that isn't the reason that I'm doing this. Frankly, this may not be the most popular answer, but I think I deserve it,"

So like he said "one big lie that I repeated a lot of times." should he be aloud to compete in any kind of sport?
Does a scam like this that last for so long as some kind of forgiveness?
And what about his fans will they forgive Lance Armstrong?
In your opinion what could be the goal behind this interview? Marketing from scratch or trash?
could it be possible that the interview incoming was enough to overpass the damage?
Everybody makes mistakes. I don't think he should be banned for life over it. However, even if he is allowed to race again, his career will never be the same.
I sometimes wonder why they only go for the individual, as I'm sure he must have been surrounded by at least a trainer, a campaign manager, a coach ..... you name it, all of whom must have been involved, not to mention team mates. Like spectators who don't do anything about a crime when they see it happening. That has to make them complicit in the crime.
HE should be banned, forever. I mean 7 times of drug usage on an international competition. Come on !
He is an addict person, i think its not a mistake. He maybe a sports competitor but a drug addicted is an offense.

think about his other competitor that comes in second place and so on with clean intentions that is unfair; what i am saying is they trained too much and then they have beaten by lance which is doing some drug just to make won the game.

I saw him interviewed by Oprah and he told that he will compete again; well he can play or compete again but starts with amateur first.
He should be banned for life. I repeat. This is not one time cheating. He made himself very clear about usage of illegal drugs
I saw a little bit of the interview, and one bit that I thought probably had some truth to it was when he said that he did it to compete with everyone else who was doing it. I've heard that same thing said about the sport many times before, but didn't really know for sure. Pretty painfully clear he was doping, and that a huge number of pro cyclists do the same. What, if anything, can really be done about it if it's been going on like this for so many years?
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