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In your country......

how long does it take for a telephone company to activate your broadband???

i herd in some countries its standard with the fone line... here in england it has to be "activated" and can take upto 10 days... thats if your fone exchange is capable... but it may be capable but if its too far you may be restricted on the speed they'll supply you!
That's not country specific. It's the physical limitations of DSL. You may have a better experience (distance-wise) with cable. But really, I'd say its typical; expect it to take a few days, 10 seems a bit long unless they are extremely busy, 3-4 sounds about right (business days not including holidays and weekends). However, once you get it, it'll be worth it, and you'l never want to go back to dial-up. haha. good luck Very Happy

(and happy halloween to anyone that celebrates it Wink )
ive had bb before... but ive moved out... and cant get it yet untill my telephone exchange is upgraded - due to be done soon.. got a letter somewhere amongst the mess lol

so im tryin to use me bro's pc as much as i can while he's out dj-ing left right n centre lol as he has bb,

happy halloween to u too!
Here in Canada it takes roughly a week to have your high speed up and running depending on the area you live in.

And as for the speed your going to get, well that all depends on how close you are to the central office, since the further you are away the slower your connection will be.

I've lived in a few spots over the last few years and each place I've had 4mbs DSL from the same company, and in most cases i'd be lucky to get 3.0mbs at best, but my isp has explained to me that it's simply because i'm to far from there central office, but yet I still have to pay for 4mbs which really sucks Sad
here in india it can tale upto 15 days, and the speeds u get is 256kbps, which is really good considering BB is in the starting phase in india, but after sales service is also really good
I have RoadRunner broadband cable, and I am far away from Central Office, and they got me connected to the internet in less than 3 days and my connection is extremely fast. It is tremendously rare if I have to wait for a webpage of any kind to load.
If I have already subscribed and I'm upgrading/downgrading, I get it the next working day.

If I'm a new user, I forgot.
Does anybody here use TimeWarner or RoadRunner services?
You can get upgrades here (in the UK) extremely quickly. Depends on the provider really.
I got Jetstream a little while ago...took 5 days which is ok I guess
I have Comcast Cable internet, and it got set up in a matter of hours. We were already getting TV from Comcast, though...
anyone using bulldog or wannado's 8mb broadband???

if so wats average download speed do u get? and wats the service like...

i remember having wannado once and sometimes i'd have to wait 45 mins for the lil green light to come on so i could connect!

i have onetel 2.2mb at the mo and have no complaints at all!
I live in Russia. It takes 1 week if the equipment is already installed.
Well yes in india, it can take as little as a day to a month, to get ur broadband connection.

I got my first bband connection up & running in 2 days where as the other one took abt 10 days. So we can average it out at abt 7 days in Metros & abt 15 days in non-metros.

Here there are more ISPs than telcos so having a phoneline from the same company is not essential except for the 2 PSUs MTNL & BSNL.
From we in Italy it is a disaster. we are behind as far as lines adsl2 and 2+. I hold the 6mb/s now in order. Much time puts us in order to activate it: /
I live in a village in India.
It take 2 or 3 years to come to my place.

Even the internet (read dialup) came here only after march 2003.
That is the fact.
In Brazil BroadBand connection are to easy, a ADSL connection don´t get more than 48 hours for activation. Radio connection are even good but at this time is much expensive (~ 200 US$ for 256 kbs - R$ 700). With a cable connection you have 2 mbs for ~ 40 US$ (R$ 99). Dial-Up connection are in desuse but if you don´t have a broadband connection many ISP pay you for your connection, about 0,15 US$ for one hour. With wireless connection you get 115 Kbs but it is much expensive, and not massively used...
I didn't know
I'm not interest in it
Mine took 2 days. I live in Australia.
i live in sweden, and it took me a month before i was connected =(
then when i moved it took a month before i had it again. sucky crappy shitty companies.
I live in the Philippines. The company said it would take about 2 weeks. It took a month.
they are all very lazy(mean phone companies). here in ukraine it can take much longer than 10 days... but we have tv cables... and the speed you get is 2mb/s
In Sweden it depends on wich comany you have, but in a few days you have it. I got mine in 3days.
ankhezar wrote:
they are all very lazy(mean phone companies). here in ukraine it can take much longer than 10 days... but we have tv cables... and the speed you get is 2mb/s

You are too lucky, I even cant dream of that speed here in India.
2MB per second will be here for the public after 10 -15 years!
Serbia- took me 4 months of waiting (but on the other hand I was one of the first guys that got aDSL). 256/64 for 27 € per month. Crappy Sad Broadband just started....
In New Zealand it all depends which ISP you go to. If you go to telecom its around 3-5 days (I think) but with my current ISP, ORCON, they have to go through all this crap with telecom and then give me the details. It take them approximately 3-7 days.
I live in a rural area in Canada. Apart from dial-up, cable is our only option, and it's only been available for about a year.
I had to wait more than 3 weeks to get hooked up.
Fuuny thing though, almost everyone here has it. And almost everyone locally shops online.
Fascinating demographics really.
It really isn't country specific. I mean you'd think in America, the Internet Service Providers would be faster to respond and the such. Nope, I don't know about Comcast services in other parts of the country but here in MD, they are slow to respond to anything, setting up would take about 2 weeks because you have to make an appointment for the "next available day" which is usually a week later. And such -_- and 9/10 times they either are late or don't show up T_T. Back in June when a storm blew out the service in the area -_- it took them over a month and tons of calls from me to get off their tushies and come fix it T_T *sighs*

But in China, when I was there for vacation, T_T the techs came the next day and set it all up >.>; go figure <.<v The quality of the "Broadband" is another story though.
Here in Greece it takes no more than 2-3 days.
in malaysia, it takes 2 week
I dont use Broadband.
When i use i will post my reply!!
Here in Mexico, the leading company takes only 7 days or less.
in egypt

it takes

30days Shocked Mad
here is hongkong, i just have the broadband for a month, as i moved to a new flat.

It's quite fast, just take me 4 days after i signed the contract. In fact, i could ask them to do it for me the next day, but i am not free.

if a company takes 10 days to do so, it cannot survive here.
well here in india it takes a week or so..
Well, I had broadband until I moved out of town and am going to get it again...

They mainly say that there is about 5-10 working days wait, depending on whether somebody can see to it quick enough... And telstra are the worst for getting things wrong (i've heard optus are no better), So I'm going with westnet Very Happy
Belgium: It's a month (but that's during the holiday season, and in a rural area)
me in my country this system don't exist. in africa (my country: cameroon) it's not more devlloped.
in my country malaysia, i think about 2 week
connection speed is
too slow
As sergio_ykz stated, 48h is a very common time to broadband companies provide the service in Brazil. However, here in Sao Paulo, the biggest city in the country, usually takes 3-4 business days.
We have here ADSL (by Telefónica), cable modem (by TVA and Net) and radio.
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