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I'd like to visit Finland

Hi, me and my wife are planning to do a tour of Finland this summer.. the land of snow and sorrow (quote from a Wintersun song).. I love many finnish metal band Very Happy
I know it's very expensive.. let's hope Smile
Finland is in the summer warm enough for anyone to come and visit. Of course there are sometimes a bit rainy days and then the weather can also be around 25 degrees Celsius.

The real summer starts usually in June and lasts about two months. Some visitors find the light nights difficult, because the night lasts in South Finland only for a few hours and in Lapland the sun does not set at all for a few months. But in August the nights start to get longer again and now it is the long dark season here in Finland.

The real holiday season in Finland is usually from June to August which means that many tourists wonder why Helsinki is such an empty city. All the Finns are going usually to their county places or visit relatives in the countryside.

There are many music festivals in Finland during the summer, there must be one with metal music too.
All the festivals gather a lots of listeners and the bands are good and famous, so everyone can find something to his or her taste.

Food and restaurants are quite expensive, and so is living in hotels too. But there are camping areas and you can also manage to rent a summer cottage for a week or so. And on internet you might find these pages where someone would rent his own apartment for a suitable time.

People in Finland speak generally good English at the least the young ones.

I wish you to welcome to Finland next summer.
Thank you for the infos! I'd like to go there on July Smile
I saw there are a lot of festivals, I hope to find one with Wintersun Very Happy
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