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Asolo brand trekking boots ?

Yeah, so I bought the Asolo TPS 535 trekking boots for about 280 US$.
Does anybody here has some experience with them outdoors?

While I'm confident about the purchase due to the many reviews out there, I'm also aware of the fact that many reviews can be fake or written by inexperienced hikers.
I'm not familiar with that particular boot (though a google search throws lots up around $220) but one thing I'd recommend, as you seem to be serious about your walking - go and have some custom-made insoles fitted - they will make the boot fit like a glove, and greatly reduce wear & tear on the feet, allowing more comfort - and through that will come greater enjoyment of your time trekking.
Good luck, and stay safe out there.
You're asking for the advice after you made the purchase :) ?

I have not personally used that brand. I have a great pair of trekking boots but they are a different brand. My biggest concern about trekking boots is comfort, being light, and them being waterproof. I've had heavy boots in the past and after 21 miles = 34 km your feet are screaming at you. I've had uncomfortable boots in the past and you end up with blisters. I've had non-waterproof boots in the past and you're trekking through deep mud and then you're miserable.

If these boots were comfortable when you tried them on, lightweight, and waterproof, then I don't see how you could go wrong. As long as they're durable then you should be fine. Like I said, just try them on to make sure they're comfortable and lightweight and it should be well advertised if they're waterproof or not.

Finally, make sure to break them in before you take them out on a long hike. I would suggest a few short or medium length walks around your neighborhood or even wearing them for a week around your house or apartment. If they are not properly broken in, then your first hike may not be comfortable.
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