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Any game ideas?

I was thiniking of making a simple 2d game for my first semester project but dont have any great ideas.
I want to makeit easy,fun and simple.
Any ideas?I need some help here..
Please suggest me some ideas..
Do you have any previous experience or any clue as to what engine/language you're going to use?
You could always go for some simple game like snake or evil monkeys (3D Buzz has a great tutorial).
However, if you want something original and fun to play, you could go for Baghchal.

It is a 2 player strategic game like chess. One of the players chooses the Bagh(Tigers) and the other has Bakhra(goats). The tigers and goats are 4 and 20 in number respectively. There is a board with 25 points which you can find easily from google image search.

The tigers and goats can, in general, move one point at a time in either direction.

The goats have 2 phases, the placement phase, in which the goats are placed at various points on the board but cannot be move, and the movement phase, in which the goats must be moved as mentioned before.

The tigers can capture any goat which is in the same line as the tiger and has an empty square next to it on the same line (like in checkers).

The objective of the tiger side is to capture 5 goats and that of the goat side is to trap the tigers so that there is no legal move to make.

It is the national game of Nepal. It's a fun game which is rich in tactics and strategy but is not as deep as chess. Hence, you can decide to a multiplayer game or even develop the AI using minimax algorithm with alpha beta pruning.
Sounds like fun. Very Happy

Some examples of simple 2D games: Snake, Tetris, Pong, Pacman, Tron, Minesweeper. You don't need to do it exact like the original but you can use them as inspiration. If you want to do something more complicated you could do an overhead car game, a platformer or an RPG.

Make sure to not make it too big. Try to keep it simple. It always takes more time than expected.
I have some experience..
I have made some in Actionscript and Lua.
Now I am going to use C and SDL
Can you send me a detail information about Baghchal..
I like Nepal alot, I visit very often..I know some Nepali as well
What about a maze game with enemies along the way Another idea is to have a card or a luck game. What programming language and/or software are you using? Are you using Javascript or Flash? How much time do you have? Flash doesn't require any programming but it would be more time consuming and difficult to draw.
do a remake! There are thousands of C64 games freely distributed on the net. Download one, play it and try to code the same. The pro's of making a remake are:
1) You do not have to re/design the game. Designing is the most complex step in game making, even if it is a snake game.
2) C64 graphics are easy to rip. There are even tools for it. Google it or PM me about this subject.
3) You can rip the sound fx / music too and find a player for SID music. Google it or PM me.
4) Try to keep your goals small. Try something like a pacman game "lode runner" or "wizard of wor". It would be easy to code one in a few days.
Arrogant wrote:
I was thiniking of making a simple 2d game for my first semester project but dont have any great ideas.
I want to makeit easy,fun and simple.
Any ideas?I need some help here..
Please suggest me some ideas..

This must be a time consuming project.

but i will support you on this.I suggest super mario games since that is my favorite before or battle city.
I have about 3 weeks to complete the project.
I'm programming in C and using Allegro 5 for gaming library..
Thanks for the suggestion.
I also think of making something easy...
Now I'm thinking of making a fighting game and Mario also sounds good.
It is really fun too.

Yeah flash is kinda good but i have to do it in C
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