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Whats the latest gig (concert) you went to?

the last time i went to see Hypnos69 and Acid Kings

was a great show Very Happy
Alice Cooper (for the fourth time).

Always puts on a great show!!
Dreadlock Pussy (NL)

It was a great gig, I realy enjoyed it Smile

Next gig: Smogus (NL)
Support: Zen (ITA)
Glade festival in the summer. Saw Squarepusher, AFX, Plaid and many many more.

It was ace! Very Happy
S3nd K3ys
Metallica/Godsmack in San Diego Cool
The latest? Foozer! I went with my cousin, we had a great time.

And soon, the greatest concert...STYX!!!
mr.e's been awhile.
S3nd K3ys wrote:
Metallica/Godsmack in San Diego Cool

Not realy into Metallica, but I love Godsmack Cool

Smogus - Solution, Hillegom (The Netherlands)
Support: Zen

It was a great gig, both bands where playing awsome!! The audience wasn't big (I think there where only 20 people) but it was very cool!!
The last one I went to was Floggin Molly.
i saw oridnary boys tuesday were very good

and athlete monday who were awsome !
The last concert I saw was from Mark Knopfler, Ahoi Rotterdam. Was a very nice concert with a few new tracks from his new album Shangri La. The date of the concert: 7 april 2005
I recently missed the oppertunity to go to iron maiden in ireland, but hopefully i will get to go again later next year, i am however going to bon jovi in the summer, yay!!! Rolling Eyes
Underoath, The Bled, and Veda...the bled and veda shows sucked but underoath was so awesome!!!
Rock Mart, 05/nov./2005

- Triggerfinger (very good)
- Strangle The Parrot (good)
- Elysian (never gonna see this band again)
- Hypnos69 (very good)
- Flowers For The Few (good)

btw it was free, so only had to pay for the beer Very Happy
The latest was Franz Ferdinand with The servant and a french group Mickey 3D at Nîmes in France. It was very good only the French group who was boring.
Audioslave tour pwned! Smile
OK, so when they hit my town it was September, so what. Im only 16!
The latest BIG gig was Metallica in Belgrade... It was pretty... quiet (!?)

...and REALLY latest (one week ago) was "Sacramental Blood" (death/mosh metal, SiCG) and "Monument" (deathrash metal, Bosnia) in my hometown... can't remember any details Embarassed
the last decent gig I went to was nine inch nails in london 14/07/05. it was the last of 4 shows in london on the with teeth tour. has anyone else been to the recent shows?
Rolling Stones baby, here in North Carolina. It was awesome even thought they did leave out a lot of their good stuff. (Paint it, Black - Get off of My Cloud - Beast of Burden - etc...). I can sort of understand it thought, considering they are freakin 60 years old and North Carolina isn't exactly one of their most important shows.
Last Show I've seen : Tom McRae. You guys gotta check this out.
Bright Eyes + The Faint five months ago. I really should go to concerts more.
The last one i saw was the pink floyd one!
Too class!
I saw Jamiroquai in Sarajevo a few months ago and I was disappointed! I am a big fan of JK and the gang. But they played for a bit more than an hour, an JK's singing was terrible! He was able to make only low tones. His famuos hi pich voice was nowhere to be heard. I still like the music they make but that concert suck BIG time!
I'm sure that the concert in London or Paris was not as in Sarajevo. I gues "More money, more music" goes for Jamiroquai as well.
I saw We Are Scientists, The Redwalls, and Hot Hot Heat last week and it was an absolutely amazing show at my favorite club.
Squarepusher a week ago.

Next week: Opeth

Next month: Porcupine Tree

Can't wait! Cool
I saw Ozzfest sometime in August. I went mainly to see Sabbath and Iron Maiden, so I kinda skipped the opening acts. It was pretty cool (and kind of strange) when people started ripping up chunks of the lawn and threw them at anything they thought they could hit...
This is so funny. Last concert I went to was in like 1991 or 1992. It was: Tora Tora (opener), Lynch Mob, and Warrant. I'm not so sure it really is all that funny now that I think about it, kinda sad really, I guess I'm gettin old, LOL. I don't listen to that 80's glam rock anymore. I'm more into newer rock now.
Bands: Hypnos69 and Dark Muddle (both belgian bands), first time i saw Dark Muddle (and they were bloody good if i may say so).

Date: 19/11/2005

Venue: Den Hemel, Zichem, Belgium
I went to the concert at the buffalo chip this summer that featured queensryche and disturbed. It was awesome. There was ALOT of reefer there, oh yea!
My latest concert was a festival :
"le festival du bout du monde"... I was drunk 24h/24
and I have slept only 6 hours during the 3 days of concerts Laughing
and the concerts were great !!

There were many artists :
Joe cocker
Zion Train
Che sudaka
Weird Al poodle hat tour.
sensation white Cool
This past Summer at an open air festival here in San Diego. Saw Death Cab for Cutie, Flaming Lips and Pixies. Lips were awesome as usual, but Pixies were a bit... err perfunctory. I mean technically, the music was flawless, but there just seemed to be a lack of any real emotion (except from Kim Deal who was having a good time, it seemed.)

So yeah, I don't get out much. Very Happy
Opeth + Burst last night. Fantastic! And they played songs from all of their albums, including Orchid!

the last one i went to was jesse mccartney. *cringe* i know right?!? it wasn't that bad, though it was really, really staged.
I went to Dream Theather concert in know They came here and I didnt miss to watch them lol they are awesome! Wink
Tribute Night For DEATH!!!!!
It was awsome!!!!!!
btw, I'm soon going to SALEM With ATTILA!!!!!!!
And SAMAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!
**Did you know that OPETH will come to Israel on the April 1 ????!!!!!
Red hot chilli peppers
The last gig i went to My Chemical Romance, Thrice and Circa Survive, it was awesome!
Piwo Jasne, Malkovich, SneakerFreak, Green Lizard, Beat Busters, VanKatoen

all in one festival Cool
Muse in Brussels !

Amazing show, the live version only differs a tad from the album. They're incredible musicians !
Ladytron at Koko in London. My first time at that venue, and it's a great one with a decent PA and looks great too. Ladytron are gradually coming out of indie obscurity and their music seems to be on the up and up looking at their albums, a neat band to see live if you don't mind an excessively trendy crowd making you look bad!
Garg wrote:
Muse in Brussels !

Amazing show, the live version only differs a tad from the album. They're incredible musicians !

Did you see the Festival Tour or the 'Absolution Tour'?
Both where great, but the Festival Tou was a bit short
The most resent concert I went to was the Rolling Stones it was awesome besides being at the very tippity-top of the huge stadium, it was awesome
I fullfilled a childhood dream of going to a Hanson concert. It was nice, I touched Taylor's shoulder. Lol But before that it was an EdgeFest concert.
Def Leppard Oct 24. God that was such an awesome show. Everytime I see them they blow me away. Also me and my sister won the tickets (for the second time) from the local radio station, thanks to my vast knowledge of their songs. We had to decipher a 5-song montage.
I was fortunate enough to be one of the lucky people who saw Robbie Williams perfrom at Knebworth park in 2003. It has to be one of the best days of my life. The atmosphere was amazing and Rob is such a fantastic entertainer, i even cried!! I will never forget it, if you get the chance go and see him in concert!!!
A cover to Iron Maiden Smile
It was nice..
Here in Australasia, we have one single music festival, once a year. Being only one, organisers make sure it' absolutely huge every year, well, huge for us...anyway, it's called "The Big Day Out"

I went just 2 weeks ago in Auckland New Zealand.

Being only 12 hours, you don't really get to see a lot of bands in terms of quantity. But I managed to squeeze in Mudvayne, The Living End, Franz Ferdinand and the White Stripes and and and, my favourite band, The Kings of Leon. Plus quite a few of the local acts which I actually Enjoyed more than most of the other acts bar The Kings Of Leon.

I'm sure BDO isn't as big as others out there, Glastonbury and whatnot, but it's nice for us little folk down here who are too isolated from the rest of the worlds.
I am jonesing for a concert the last one i was at was Gov't Mule with Moe. it was alright I went to go see The Mule but they flipped a coin and played first that night...of course i was finished with dinner and arrived just in time for the second set...Moe. it was allright; Phil Lesh came out and played a couple of tunes with them: what a great sound that was actually!
the last festival i was at was earthdance.
what an awesome event..the vibe was phenominal
Skatar - I adapt - Kimono

I was photographing them, awesome concert!
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