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How often do you play sports?

How often do you play sports?

Why you play sports?
well in my youth i play Soccer twice a week, BAsketball once a week, voleyball once too, and run and ride Bike the others days, in fact some sundays have double game soccer and BAsketball.

now at my 44`s just runa and ride bike, and in the last year just few ocasions because an injury, but i am back joggin 3 or 4 times a week and ride bike twice
It depends on how you define "sports".
I used to play a lot of football and tennis, but these days it's snooker. I play once or twice a week.
I play volleyball twice a week. I also play a little tennis and ping pong.
I play badminton but not often, just once a week.

You could class sport as fitness training as well.

So for me I play sports everyday. As you put it, I play rugby and I do so maybe once or twice a week, sometimes even more if I am playing in a tournament. I also do rock climbing which is fun. Another sport could be like paintball or airsoft and I play Military Simulation paintball which is an amazing sport.

I play sport just to be active and keep and live a healthy lifestyle. It's extremely social and can take you around the world to play sports, even at a semi-professional level. Nothing better than playing a game of rugby with my club or the London Met Police and then going into the pub to socialise, even with the opposing team.

Great fun. It's basically what you put into it really. It is really good to see Mazito is still active at the age they are at. People say, after you get to a certain age you cannot keep active and to a degree yes, but if you keep yourself fit throughout your childhood, teens, early twenties and all the way to your 80's, I bet you won't have such problems as people who don't keep active have.
Well I am a football guy. Or as Americans call it "Soccer".

I love football. I can't describe how much, not really possible.
I do play football, quite good at it. Best junior player at my school Very Happy Very Happy

I play football everyday, like literally Razz Most usually after school with my mates.
Been doing so since I started watching footy when I was 7 years old. Simply awesome. Footy is now a big part of my life, I have a football at home (torn, old and made of rags), and whenever I walk around the house or get out of my chair, I just walk with it, donno' if you can classify that as "playing" but still Smile

Well yeah, I am an avid footballer Smile
I play soccer every day at school and at home, maybe one day i will go pro.
Nine ball. That's a sport, right? Nightly Very Happy
i like to play soccer,when ever i have a time but usually three days in the week.
Not often enough.

I wish I had more time to do everything, but since most sports are social, they either require payment for some sort of programme, or finding people similarly interested and committed to the idea. Neither is something that I want to go out of my way for.

But it is enjoyable when it happens.
lovescience wrote:
How often do you play sports?

Why you play sports?

If i have more time or vacant time i will play everyday but since i am also working usually play every saturday and sunday
Badminton three times a week and Squash on Thursdays.
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