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have you ever played soulsplit?
Yes, I liked it.
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Yes, I didn't like it.
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No, not yet.
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No, and never will.
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1. What is Soulsplit and what do we strive for.

Our community
Soulsplit has a very nice and friendly community that is always there to help you out. We strive for direct player reflecion, this means that players are the ones that help each other out. This creates the best gaming situation possible.

First I'd like to start off with telling you about how our management works, we strive for the best gameplay for everyone - we care about what people say and we listen to them. Only because of this Soulsplit is such a succes. You are what makes us big, without players we would be close to nowhere. Players are your friends, you just need to know how to handle them. Due to this big support of our players we have fully fixed up our wilderness, we gave them a great platform for clans to build off to improve clan community. But at the same time it improves the single clans to be more active. We are thinking of solutions, 24/7. That is what makes us #1 - We are ALWAYS ahead of the rest.

Soulsplit fits YOU.
Soulsplit was designed to entertain every type of player. We have different game modes where you can choose how you'd like to play. Are you an oldschool lover? This is your lucky day! The oldschool game mode will perfectly entertain you, if you are more of a newschool player you can select the newer graphical game mode . You can also choose XP modes that vary from 5,000 XP per hit to 10 XP per hit. So if you either are a person who likes challenging gameplay or someone who just likes to enter our highly populated wilderness straight after logging in Soulsplit is the place for you.

Our ideal is maximum entertainment. We are not in this business for the money, we are in this to give YOU the best entertainment. Your enjoyment of the game is what we strive for. You do not have to pay for anything because that simply goes against our morals. Everything is free to enjoy! You have the option to purchase items, but you don't have to pay to wear specific items or to get privileges on other players!

That is how it is supposed to be, and that is how we do it.

Market leader
Soulsplit is not only the market leader reaching up to 3000 players on peak time, we are also the highest quality RSPS out there. Our support is not only professional but they strive for the best of every player. Without our amazing staff we would be nowhere. Our website was professionally designed to give you maximum support, it contains account recoveies, ban/mute appeals, live chat and more! You can visit our website at: Click here

Soulsplit Videos
In our eyes a video explains more then a thousand pictures or words. You can find our video page on our website.

We really hope see you soon - and remember, everyone is welcome!

Don't feel like reading? Watch amazing videos on:
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