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are you depressed too because of the winter?

are you depressed too because of the winter?
if you do-why?

i'm feeling depressed at the grey days-it makes me sad-and i'm not joking..

please tell me your feelings about the winter.. Crying or Very sad
never, in Hong Kong here is cold and dry, so Cooool and make me more clear mind. Laughing
There is no winter in my country . Malaysia .
Its called Seasonal Affective Disorder (or SAD, ironically). The cure is to get a sun lamp or 'light box'.
I'm feeling sad that winter's approaching, because I quite like the autumn and I absolutley loathe driving in snow or the cold that comes with it (or vice verca, whatever).

I wish I had been more active with my camera. Sad I've seen many places with red, brown and yellow leaves scattered across the ground and with the sun in just the perfect angle, making a pretty scenery -- but no camera. *sigh*

I hate winter and all it stand for.
Coming This week winter coming Snow (Turkey) No Depsesed winter time Smile
i have some feel
But i dont know why i have such feeling.
It doesn't fell to wintery for me yet...but I love winter <3
over here winter is only like for one month dec , and rest of the year it is summer , and it never rains here Mad so i love winter
Winter in India is much better than the summer.
Ah ...sleeping till 9 o clock during my holidays Smile
yeah sucker , ur place gets washed up almost every year Razz

anyway happy diwali Very Happy
As long as I'm wrapped up nice and warm, I love the winter. Summer's better, but in the Winter I have more energy to do stuff.
When it comes I go in rest Very Happy
in our country there is no winter..but i feel depress when its raining..mybe b'coz in my childhood days...something happen very sad

i just dont remember what it is... Confused
HELL NO!!! Winter is my play time. Snowboarding!! I get depressed the week AFTER the season ends. I live for riding, its the best feeling in the world. Crisp, clean, cold air filling my lungs. Wooshing down the mountain popping off banks of snow. Man, better than any drug or alcohol.
S3nd K3ys
I don't think we have winters here in San Diego. Wink
Winter's fun! Mainly Christmas for me, being with my family all cosy inside with the big chill outside. Though autumn, grey skies and rain, rain, rain (UK) is quite annoying, but not depressing for me.
S3nd K3ys wrote:
I don't think we have winters here in San Diego. Wink

California sucks when it comes to winter...I don't think my area has even got it's first rain yet ;_;
and if we did I didn't notice it.
There is only two seasons here: spring and summer.
It's very boring.
S3nd K3ys
Monkeydog wrote:
S3nd K3ys wrote:
I don't think we have winters here in San Diego. Wink

California sucks when it comes to winter...I don't think my area has even got it's first rain yet ;_;
and if we did I didn't notice it.

The nice part is that, if we want, we can go to the 'winter' part of the state in just a couple hours. Very Happy
It is a actual complaint that can be treated isnt it, my Mum said that she thinks my step-father gets it.
Personally its one of the best times of the year to be in. As long as you are warm. If your heating is broken, like ours was for most of last year, it sucks. Big time
When its just cold and you can see your breath on a frosty cold day I really do like winter. Unfortunately though here winter usually just means cold and wet miserable rain which isn't much fun.
Also it seems like you have less time to do things because it gets dark so early so yep it can be a bit depressing!
...if we didn't have winter though I'd never light my lovely log-fire and that is so nice it almost makes the cold outside worth it Smile
I like winter!
In my country there is winter with -50 degree celsium
Well, I like Winter, but I just hate getting up so early in the morning when it's still dark outside. So, yes, I feel a little bit depressed in Winter Wink
the fall and winter are my favorite seasons, and for some odd reason i love it when it's cloudy and wet.. i was definitely born on the wrong side of the ocean.......
Well, the winter doesn't depress me... For sure I prefer the summer but what can we do to it ?
I live in quebec city and last year we had more than 500 centimeters of snow here and the average is 300 Razz

That wasn't so bad and the winter wasn't so cold. I like the snow.
The first snow should come soon here Smile I can't wait to see all the kids being excited and doing snowmans.

Winter is not so great but we can't do anything to change it, we can't change the seasons and the temperature at all so just deal with it, see the positive sides and let the negative ones!!
I hate it. I dread winter each year because it's always the same--I'm cold 24/7, even though the heating's always on in my house. My relationships all go astray somehow, and getting through each day seems a million times harder. I live in Ohio so winter here pretty much lasts from the beginning of November til the end of March. It's horrible.
Yes and no. I like when it first snows, but them about 2 or three weeks after than it just get tedious, it's just getting colder and colder with less and less light outside. Of course, having to walk several miles a day to get to classes (although I tend to take the bus a lot more) is not a whole lot of fun either.
Uhm, I'm on spring right now... and I'd rather be on Winter. Spring, ugh.
Yes! I like sunshine.
Well righjt now it's sunny and kindda warm in here so I'm not depressed, but I can get pretty moody by the weather, especially in the winter when its all dark and snowing and cold.
I am not depressed but summer is better!!!!!!!!
I think its the lack of sunshine, yes, those dark or grey covered skies and of course the cold. We spend more times inside and our activities change. If we like the outdoors its an adjustment. Of course there are winter activities but even there we have to wait for the right conditions. Its kind of hard to ski on grass. And so it can feel like the world has ended. Yep, we can feel it.

On the other hand, it gives us something to complain about, then to actually look for things to do in the winter although that can be an effort and if nothing else enables us to spend more time on our pc's if we like doing that.
Oh dear god no. I love the winter, actually i love the cold in general. Even in the winter , i have a fan running in my bedroom, and sometimes my window opened. I hate the summer it's.... too hot and sticky. Winter/Fall is right for me...

Funny story... Seeing snow falling usually makes me quite happy... The other day i woke up in the morning, my window blind still down... so i said to myself "man i'd be stoked if it snowed/is snowing" i put my blind up and i saw snow on the ground in a few places.... i was just like... woahh... but yeah.. Winter = Awesome Smile
Here where I live (Southern California, USA) there is very little snow... so I don't mind the winter. We do get rain, but we have frequent droughts so I really appreciate any rain that we do get.
Loathing in Fear
I don't like it becouse it's always cold and gray outside, although I love to go snowboarding and I love snow Very Happy (and winter is a good excuse to stay inside & be on the pc all day long).
I prefer spring becouse it's not too hot, nor too cold.
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