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Totally bizarre network issue

Hi everyone. All of a sudden, with no changes made at all, a part of the network here at school cannot access one of the servers.

There are 3 servers

1. DNS, File Server and Domain Controller
2. Anti Virus, DNS and DHCP
3. Internet/Firewall (proxy) server
4. Another DNS server that handles certain domain tasks

It is only machines in a certain building that this affects. There is only one uplink back to the main network switch (fibre), and I know this is working because computers in this building are able to access the shares on servers 2, 3 and 4 ok. But not server 1. However, they are able to log in, so must be finding it somehow. But they are unable to access any of the resources on it. The rest of the site is fine. It's only this one building.

I have restarted all devices (PCs, switches and servers), but still no change.

Does anybody have any ideas at all?
if a part cannot access, maybe that part is connected via a switch, and that switch just kaput.
That was my initial thought, but the switch is fine because connection to all the other servers is fine, and it uses the same uplink. I've also tried changing the switch over just in case, but the same problem occurs. It's just weird. Here's a (crude) diagram explaining it.

Basically of the 5 servers shown, the computers in the "BUILDING" cannot access resources on one of the servers. As you can see the uplink is the same, so it's not a problem with the switch or the cable. Has to be an issue with the server but what I don't know and I can't find any errors that could explain it in the event logs.
This is now resolved. After uninstalling and replacing the network card it still didn't work. Eventually it got resolved by changing the ports for each end of the fibre cable in the server room and suddenly it started working. I'd done this the other end as well and it didn't help. So I think I may have to ultimately replace the server room switch but for now the trial and error swapping around of ports seems to have fixed the issue.
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