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Favorate season

Now is winter, the climate is more and more cold, so that i canot go out, it is so frezzing there.
There are four seasons, spring, summer,autumn and winter, which season is your favorate? i like autumn most, it is not too cold or hot, the scenery is beautiful too.

And it's only Winter in the Northern Hemisphere. It's Summer in the south. There are no seasons were I live. Sometimes it's a bit colder, sometimes it rains, sometimes it doesn't. If I lived in some place where seasons were apparent, my favorite one would be Autumn. I like the color and the mood.
rainy season will makes the environment around me get cool and makes me easy to get clean water from underground.
I like sunny days in winter.

It is less cold in sunny days in winter.
Spring and autumn are my favourite months. Particularly in Vancouver, BC. During spring there are tulips all over the city in very bright multi colours. We also have the odd cherry blossom tree as well. There is also lots of excitement because the very long winter has ended and we can look forward to the beginning of summer. Autumn is always nice for me because all of the tourists have left and there is much more space for me to move around in in Stanley Park with less people per square inch trampling the Park. Both seasons have plenty of bird activity and migration and that makes it a great time for bird watching as well.
I wouldn't want to be without any of the seasons but I think I like late spring and early summer the most because it has just got warm enough to wear shorts and t-shirt outside and it is often much less rain than in the late summer and autumn.
Living in Bombay, India, i prefer Winter the most (November-February)...
The atmosphere is much cooler (not icy cold, usually between 9-25 degree celcius) and the air much drier than otherwise..
The other two seasons we have are Summer and Monsoon.....
Summers are hot as hell and Monsoons although pleasant result in a lot of traffic jams and floods..
So yeah, nothing beats Winter for me!
Like everyone else, I prefer autumn as well. I prefer when the weather is neither hot nor cold. Won't that be everyone's perfect choice?

Also, I would like to say that I am hating this winter at the moment. Temperature is near 0 degree Celsius all the time and my room is just cold. My carpet, furniture and even my keyboard is so cold.
I prefer spring to other seasons because it is very pleasant. Between summer and winter, I prefer winter because it's easier to fight the cold than the heat. Moreover, my classes end quicker in winter because it gets dark faster.
There are only two seasons - winter and "road construction" laugh
Actually my favorite (as I have said before) is spring! A time of rebirth for the plants.
I love Spring/Autumn time.. winter is too cold and summer is too hot Very Happy
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