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Doctors and Poetry ?

Medicine is the field of science where one goes for perfect observation and analysis . It's highly mathematical (no abstract in it) . Medical student learn what they see. They use medicines/drugs that are experimented several times. No place for abstract in this field.
However, we can find many doctors loving poetry - the field which is complete imagination and full of abstract .
Doctors and poetry ? How can we correlate them ? Can a doctor be a good poet ?
I think a doctor can be a good poet. Poetry and literature is just as much as a hobby as it is a career for some. As long as the person is committed to, practices, and pursues their hobby they can become fairly good at it, regardless of their earlier experiences and perceptions. There are many people who are not English majors that like to write, just like there are people who like to cook, sew, or play musical instruments who don't have any related career. Obviously a professional musician will most likely be a better player than a hobbyist and a renowned chef will often be better than a person who just cooks for fun. But having a profession related to these fields/hobbies is not a prerequisite to becoming good at it and having a completely unrelated or even contradictory profession (like you stated, scientific and mathematics-based people doing something more abstract and creative) does not necessarily disqualify one from pursuing them.
This sounds like a strange correlation.

However, perhaps it does make sense. To begin with, you have a bias in that doctors have to be well-educated, and presumably enjoy education enough to go through that many years of learning, so more potential exposure to poetry.

Secondly, being a doctor would cause you to consider some fairly interesting philosophical issues. Perhaps that would also push you in the direction of poetry.
Exactly, doctors can learn so many things from the structure of human body organization. Human body is the best gift of nature and perfect place for the study of nature and hence these can help Doctors to be more poetic and nature loving .
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