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Top 10 rock guitarists

Gimme your list! Rules: no copying Rollingstone Magazine
surprise! i expected quite a list of 'guitar-gods' to be found here, but hell no! where are all the guys bitchin against rap, claiming to be in favour of rock instead? shouldn't rock-fans bang heads and play air-guitar, and, of course, have at least three of four favorite rock guitarists? Come on, give it a start!
Or maybe is it that this question has been raised allready ten times before? With poll and so on?
I am sure that we've done this quite a few times. However, I will list ten people (in no particular order) of prominent and amazing rock guitarists. Not all of these are people that I like or listen to (although the vast majority will be) but they all deserve a spot.

1) Randy Rhoads
2) Zakk Wylde (I don't listen to him; I find him boring but he is amazing)
3) Michael Romeo
4) Dimebag Darrall
5) Eric Clapton (I don't listen to him because I'm in to metal)
6) Jimmi Hendrix
7) Chris Broderick (Dave Mustaine is amazing and when you have him call Chris the greatest guitar player that has ever been with Megadeth then that is something)
8) Alexi Laiho
9) Michael Amott
10) Jeff Hanneman

Hundreds of more people deserve to be on this list but you only allowed me 10 people...
I'm not going to base this list off of technical quality. These are just ten guitarists (in no particular order) that I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to.

1. Jimmy Page
2. Eric Clapton
3. Jimi Hendrix
4. Tony Iommi
5. Randy Rhoads
6. Eddie Van Halen
7. Duane Allman
8. Pete Townshend
9. Jeff Beck
10. David Gilmour

...and I could keep going. Wow, picking ten guitarists is quite difficult (though I might be able to pull off a ranked listing of drummers). Nevertheless, the world would be worse off without these musicians.
This is difficult, but based on the music I listen to I would say these are my favourites.

In no particular order:

Kirk Hammett
James Hetfield
Dave Mustaine
Jim Martin
Jeff Waters
Dave Murray
Angus Young
Jimmy Hendrix
Tony Iommi
Top 10:
Kirk Hammet
Randy Rhoads
Zakk Wylde
Brian May
Angus Young
Oscar Dronjak
Herman Li
Keith Richards
K.K. Downing

There are many more good guitarist.
Here are few of my favorite guitarist
Jimi Handrix
Eric Clapton
Mark from Dire Straits
Jimmy Page

There are the folks I like the most but I cannot pick one they are all good. Its really hard for me to pick top one among them.
OK guys, you've missed one very good one
Vlado Stefanovski from Macedonian band "Leb i sol".
Go to youtube and explore...
In no particular order

Jimmy Page
Jimi Hendrix
Mark Knopfler
David Gilmour
Steven Wilson
Steve Hackett
Steve Howe
The Edge
Mike Oldfield
Robert Fripp

Mostly progrock stuff. Rolling Eyes
well, time to start a list, too..
Jimmy Hendrix
Pete Townshend
Marc Ribot
Bo Diddley
Syd Barrett
Django Reinhardt
Lou Reed (for that 'European Son' solo)
Annie Clark (for some St. Vincent solos)
Dick Dale (for surf's sake)
I have heard so great guitarist over the years - rock, blues and country - that never got their 'star' break. Across all three types, ever hear of Troy Steele? One of the best I have worked with. Man has a gift.
Wow, no love for malmsteen. Confused
1. Slash
2. Jimi Hendrix
3. Angus Young
4. Brian May
5. Ritchie Blackmore
6. Carlos Santana
7. George Harrison
8. Jonny Greenwood
9. Mark Knopfer
10. Keith Richards

I probably missed a bunch, but these are at least some of my favorites! Slash is definitely my number one though. He has so many awesome solos, my favorites are the one in November Rain and the one in Sweet Child O Mine, I also like the solo he did in Estranged Very Happy
To me, David Gilmour, Brian May, Jimi Hendrix, but a "top10" is something too personal
of course it is something personal, in any way... it is just not interesting to repeat one of the "top ten guitarists of all time" lists you get when you write it into google! well, jimi hendrix could hardly be missing, though... but a personal top ten could be interesting for anyone playing himself guitar, i think.
And here is my list :

Jimmy Page
Keith Richards
Mike Oldfield
Randy Rhoads
Corey Beaulieu
Jimi Hendrix
Robert Fripp
Kirk Hammet
Zakk Wylde
top ten:

For being the no1 Swedish under a decade I say Jyrkki JJ Juvonen.
Mark Harman (as the opposite of brian setzer whom I think suck)
Rick Parfitt
Link Wray
Dick Dale
dave mustaine
Junior Brown ... hm
les paul for the sound
chet atkins
grady martin

10 of them...well a fair list
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