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keyboard not working properly

Few days ahead I cleaned my laptop keyboard with Colin...
Then I noticed that the RIGHT key didnt work...
Soon after most of the keys stopped working
Some dont respond and some key presses twice
After few days some keys work perfectly but most of them dont work
How can this be solved? Do i neeed to change the keyboard>
What is a Colin? If your keyboard is damaged you will probably have to buy a new one. Sometimes particles can get stuck under the keys which makes them not work properly, but you often feel the difference when you press the key. If that is the problem you could try shacking the keyboard upside down. If that doesn't work you could remove the keys from the keyboard (if possible) to be able to clean it better.
Colin is like glass cleaner...
I donno what to do..Maybe its damaged.
Some keys are working perfectly agai
Check the mechanics of the problematic keys to see if it's a mechanical issue.
If that's not the case, you can take it apart, and clean the contact matrix (usually looks like plastic layers with white schematics embedded into them). Clean them carefully with a moistened cloth and then with a dry one until there's no moisture left. I reckon the stuff you've used to clean the keyboard can cause some problems with the key matrix.

Next time you clean your keyboard, make sure you take it apart and clean the keys and cover plastics only with water or some soap/cleaner. The membrane layer can also be cleaned.
The key matrix should be left alone.
The circuit board can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol and dried using paper towels.

In any case make sure that whatever part you've cleaned is completely dry before attempting a reassembly.
Thanks, I wasnt sure if that membrane layer could be taken apart
Try to dry keyboard with fen (cool not hot) and with less power. I think the liquid is coming in between keys and electronic.

the not-working keys are near the Right key?
for example, if the 'o' key doesn't work and also 'i' and 'p' fail.. could be a problem of a electronic/connector plug of the keyboard. If you are able to disconnect the keyboard without damaging it, you may try to check better.
Yeah the keys dont work in blocks, like q w e dont work well
I also think that the liquid is coming in between and somehow causing the problem
I've tried a million times to dry it, used a blow dryer and a fan
But it doesnt work anyway
Just frustuated right now
So, there is a issue of some water in your keyboard, you have to change your keyboard or try to clean it properly.
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