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Happy New Year 2013

Post here your new years resolution for 2013..
Me, I feel and smell very positive possibilities in the next 5 hours and my new years resolution i need to be in diet starting January 1, 2013 and i will not eat fats anymore.hmmm..
Ordinarily I don't have any New Years resolutions, but I am quite resolved for 2013:

1. Got to find a new way to earn my daily bread. Preferably something I really like doing. Starting with small things, i.e. any opportunity that comes my way to make money I'll go for this year, hopefully it will lead in the right direction. Can't come up with new ideas if I do the same thing all of the time, have to try new things.

2. I've become much more energetic over the last six months and want to build on that. Fitness is something that comes on a day to day basis, making that decision to go for exercise and to just do it, no matter what. Also, to get a variety of exercise. Would like to get into diving again this summer. Am building up towards that.

3. I'm eating much better than I used to, which has been a concentrated effort since June of this year. Want to build on it, particularly trying to change my diet as well, as having a variety of food is on the top of the list of nutritionists most of the time. Also need to drink more water.

4. Part of being more energetic I want to travel as much as I can, short-distance in my immediate environment to other cities of the UAE, the Gulf countries as well as long-distance. There is certainly something to be said for traveling broadens the mind. It also keeps a person in shape.

5. Want to take more photos. As I love taking them. This may lead to upgrading my camera in a few months time. If I have spare cash available I'd like to upgrade my computer as well. I'd like to get a better phone (my Nokia1100 dates 2004), but may leave that for 2014.
Happy New Year to all.

My New Year Resolutions:
1.Be Happy and Make others Happy.
2.Improve my spoken English Wink
and some more.
Happy New Year from the Philippines! Embarassed
Happy New Year from the UK! Smile

This year i will be getting into shape and not eating so much chocolate!
To all Frihosters, I wish you many happy returns in the occidental New Year, 2013, Mayan or other counts.


Wishing you all the best in 2013! It's going to be a great year! I'm super excited!
happy new year to everybody
i wish you have luck, happiness and health

This year i want to be healthy and happy that's all for me
some money wouldn't be bad
Happy new year all. Enjoy the fireworks or other things that go on in your country to celebrate Very Happy
Cosmoslayer wrote:
Happy New Year from the Philippines! Embarassed

Happy new year! PHILIPPINES
Happy New Year! 2013
Happy New Year everyone Very Happy
Happy new year guys!

I stickied the topic for now Smile
Happy new year to you guys all !
Happy New Year too ....

Happy New Year from Brazil! Hope this is everyone's year!

I do not think of resolutions since 2010, instead I try to be like Anaοs Nin and reevaluate my life and try to change every day. I started to take long walks again and I intend to be running again (I used to run everyday but then I broke my leg yadda yadda) by the end of the month. Let's see if I can do it!
Happy New Years. I got a few resolutions.

1.)Make my website popular. Something I've been wanting to do since I started planning my site. I will work hard to do that. 2014 I'll hold to that resolution.

2.) Get more friends in college and on Frihost. This is a new goal. The more friends I have the better off I am. I look forward to making new friends and by 2014 be super popular. I will complete this.

3.) Be more organized and divide my time wisely. I need to do this cause we're going to have finals soon at our college and I need to work hard to have my time divided and organize myself.

4.)Get back to graphic design. Something I was really good at one point then I stopped. I will get back to it though. I'll start by changing my avatar weekly/monthly.

5.)Use my web design software when I have extra time.
My new years was terrible, Every year it turns out to be drama filled. Not looking forward to the next one.
just become myself
im not celebrating a change of a number in my calendar
Last year my New Year's Resolution was to visit Europe and I ended up visiting Europe, Africa, and Asia! So, given that I was so successful in my resolution last year, I will make a new resolution this year.

This year, I wish to finally move away and leave the U.S. for good. I can no longer live in a country that is practically a theocracy; I can no longer live in a country that sees any progress (such as public transportation) as evil socialism; I can no longer live in a country that cheers when it sees two men holding guns (Americans are gun crazy) but wants to strip away the rights of two men holding hands; I can no longer live in a country that is willfully ignorant in all science (such as evolution and climate change).

My only issue is that my only two languages that I speak are English and Spanish (and I haven't been in a situation where I needed to speak Spanish in almost a year and so my Spanish is getting pretty poor). When I was in Europe, I fell in love with Munich, Germany but I do not speak German. Furthermore, I am in the process of figuring out how to find employment abroad and, unfortunately, this might take more than a year. We'll see how it goes!

So... Happy 2013 to everyone and I hope that everyone can follow through on their resolutions!
Same to you Matrix. Hope you have a prosperous 2013 as 2012 had been prosperous for you too.

Must say it is a great pleasure to read your posts, so hope to be able to see many more of those during 2013.
Happy New Year, all! My resolutions

1. Stop procrastinating
2. Be more patient with new comers
3. Lose 10 lbs.
Happy New Year friends...
i am so late to wish you...because i was outside from my native place.

My New Year Resolutions is :
1.achieve good carrier.
2.want to improve my communication skill.
3.want to very close with my family and friendz specially best friend.
My new year's resolutions are the usual ones:

1) Stop smoking and drinking
2) Exercise and burn the belly fat
3) Get a job and save money

I've been quite following 1) and 2) as I have been laying low and staying out of contact from friends. I plan to stay hidden until I can truly stop smoking/drinking.

About the job thing, it is kind of hard to get one.
Like every year, I've decided to go back to sports... but this year I haven't started yet.
Also: Learning web design and create a "good" webpage (in process) and getting a job Sad
Happy new year to all. I will try to complete my PhD work this year.
happy new year..
my resolution this year:
don't waste any food, and attend all the lectures.. Very Happy
my resolution... Keep my job while goin through night school Razz Got lots to do!
I'm taking this topic down from the sticky list. Not closing though...
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