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do you like Rock or Rap?

I hate when theres a war between which is better. Rock will always win over rap cause rap just sucks, it plain sucks. a bunch of rhyming idiots ((no offence to anyone on here if they like rap or are rappers)). So the war is over Rock will always triuph over all, well Rock and Metal, basicly anything pop, rap, r&b, country, any of that stuff sucks. but thats just me
LOL I like hip hop or even rap I used to listen to Rock (still do sometimes), I don't see it as a war LOL
If your asking people what you like better then say rap sucks without backing up reasons why, then your going to get no where.

And rap/hiphop btw. Cool
Rap isn't music...
if you want to listen to music that made by real instruments and not electronic mixers or other things, listen to rock, jazz, classic..

but rap isn't a music!

and i like music!

rap is now a genre that defined as music.. and that's annoying because it isn't music at all!

i respect the african and afro-ameican people and rap itself and whole hip-hop(quite a funny name) thing but please, don't define it as music.

that's also for trance..

btw country is music..
if you don't like country music that doesn't mean that it sucks...
because it is just your opinion...

I also repsect those "punk" people.. and "new-metal".. but i've got to say that changing metal or "improving" it won't actually improve metal. metal is metal... and it will always be metal... you can try to change it but you'll just make another style instead of changing it.
so linkin park, green day and others, please stop calling yourself something-metal... you're just not metal.. you're not playing metal...
if you want to call yourself "punk" or any other style.. please fo that. but you can't call yourself metal.

lol wtf did i just wrote...
bah you're really bored if you read the whole thing...
helios wrote:
you're really bored if you read the whole thing...
bingo... Very Happy

Now about rap vs rock.

like it's been said by everyone else till now, there's really no war between the two.
A rock person will never like matter what, the similar holds true for a rap fan.
The artists who rocks/raps can't be said to be talentless...they have talent no doubt. just that the two's talents can't be compared.

And I won't agree to the line of thought that rap isn't is a very vast topic, and somewhere surely rap can be accomodated (heck, music is from the tribal drums to the beethovens)

man...yet again I excel at diplomacy Wink

I am a rock guy, by the way...(now playing "A Tout Le Monde - Megadeth")
coincidentally we seem to be the majority
Absolutly ROCK...

Rock on, Baby Cool
of course...

ROCK ON !!!!!!! ^^
always rock is gonna wins..

this topic is weak haUIoaHuiaHOuia

ask something harder like gothic or punk

or god x demon huaIoaHuiaHOuia Razz

but rock X rap? weak weak weak...
some rock and some rap, not all
James Bond-007
Rock is soooo much better. My saying is that rap is crap without the "c" Laughing
I like them both
It makes me excited when I listen them
tasts well
I like rock better
Rock is better I like it
Both of them
rap is way better. I don't here of many night clubs who don't play rap, and i dont ever see them hot ladies shakin it to rock and heavy metal.

its that rap game that got the girls on lock
believe me that rock has itīs hot girls too Wink
and rock isnīt played at night clubs, thatīs why you only see rappers there.. I guess.

another thing about rap.. itīs just talking with a short looping rhythm behind it.. ermm quite boring..
... only if rap had soloes Rolling Eyes Laughing

bah, I canīt think of a short looping rhythm as a music.. just canīt...
and the rapper just talks.. i can talk to.. that means that i create music? maybe sound but not music =P

ah hell with it, i donīt care.. listen to whatever you want.

but donīt mess up with metalists Twisted Evil
Is it impossible to like both of them? Also is it possible to just ignore one genre if you don't like it? Arguments like these are pointless and usually end up in flame wars.
Depends on what kind of mood I'm in! Wink
rood wrote:
I hate when theres a war between which is better. Rock will always win over rap cause rap just sucks, it plain sucks. a bunch of rhyming idiots ((no offence to anyone on here if they like rap or are rappers)). So the war is over Rock will always triuph over all, well Rock and Metal, basicly anything pop, rap, r&b, country, any of that stuff sucks. but thats just me

In ur dreams bwoy, Rap owns rock any day Wink Specialy 2pac would murk all rockers alive LOL
Rock/punk/indie for me! No rap thankyouverymuch.
Metal Rulz!!!
I'm making rock music but I like to listen rap music too I think rap and rock isnt different like rap and pop or rap and country.... Smile
You noticed no one in this topic who stated they like rap didn't have to diss the other genre where as the rock listeners did, also when you say rap sucks give a reason.
I personally like both of them.

I like some styles of Rap, like Eminem and 50 Cent. This is because they have great background and some harmony, and most of their lyrics make sense. I do not like the really "gheto" rap because its only about getting girls (which I have nothing against), and has boring backgrounds.

I like Rock because... well just because. I actually like Alternative more than Rock, but thats my personal preference.
I love Rap but I dont understand anything to Rock cuz They are just screaming.... Laughing Laughing
Rap is good, Rock is good.. well, i think there's no reason to argue in which really sounds better.. For me.. let's just appreciate music.. u know.. life's so boring without any diferrences at all.. let's make this messed world a better place.. Idea
I like both. But, I choose rock Smile
I think the music i like is stuff i can relate to. I never grew up in the Ghetto and I am not a gangster etc. I think that sort of stuff is a bit lame. So i don't like rap but i can see why others do. I don't think its crap, but its just not for me.
i hate rap for soem reason but ROCK rocks my world
i love rock
favorite band - Senses Fail!!!
I have always liked Rap and Rock. To say Rap isn't music is absurd. Besides, what would you rather dance to? If you say Rock, I'd bet you don't dance very well it at all. To say you don't like other genres like Blues, Country, Pop, etc., isn't quite right. If there wasn't those other things, do you honestly think Rock would be the way is now? Check some Contemporary Music History and you'll find the people you like in Rock were influenced by those "other" genres in some way (or the people that influenced them). You'll be surprised.

If you say it sucks, fine. You just don't like it. But it's going nowhere so get used to it. To say Rap isn't music, well, I think you just don't understand. Keep in mind, it's very new and still evolving. When the novelty of it has fallen away, we will see some serious music come from it.

Just my opinion Cool
Rap ALL THE WAY. i only like punk rock. the others just suck. there all about screaming and saying words that THEY dont even understand.and some have influence on people. at least with rap u can chill and listen to the lyrics and try to rap-along. they have different beats, so it wont be the same guitar and bass like rock. so rap is the best for me
Rock is best

Rap is just stupid rhymes with repetitive beats and random sounds. Rock is real music. I just don't consider rap music, but I won't argue with those who like rap, it's just my opinion. I also don't like pop because it's just stupid "popular" music. It's just people who sing most pop artists are just singers who have others play the music. I never really understood that, but I guess if you just like to follow trends, then you might like pop

Well I'll just stop rambling now...
I like rap better since i been rapping since i was 12 years old.
Hip Hop music moves me cause i can relate to so much in lyrics of most artists songs.
I don't see why the fued between rap and rock.
both are good to listen to.
can't we all just get along?
Rolling Eyes
There is a time for rock, and a time for rap/hip hop. I listen to one or the other, depending on my mood.
Helios im behind you 100 percent man, rap is in no way music, and rappers are in no way talented. they are low life scumbags who take advantage of the large quantity of people like them (i.e. low life scumbags) take a look at those who listen to rap. most of them are on welfare, simply because they dont want to work. they spit out child after child in a welfare home just to get another check for another kid. when these kids grow up we still have to pay our tax money to support them because the fact is the majority of them either end up on welfare themselves or... you guessed it, prison! now just look at that. plus all rappers talk about is killing people, "bling" and how many chicks with fat asses they have sex with. its very repetitive and no one in the genre has any kind of talent whatsoever. i like snoop cuz he smokes a lot of weed not because he raps lol stoner
I love it all! Very Happy
Jazz Razz
I like Rock more than rap.I was never really to into rap,lyrics usally always suck in rap,and I don't even care about lyrics,hell I listen to Jpop/Rock I have no idea what their saying.Only thing good about rap would probably be the background music but its just the same thing over and over again,and its not even that good.
Sure there is some rap I sort of like,like Eminem and if it counts the Gorillaz.But all in all Rock pwns rap anyday.
jazz is the best though

I Like rap, is a good music, but I Lesson more rock!

Helios wrote:

... only if rap had soloes Rolling Eyes Laughing

Keyboard solo! (CPU Keyboard) haha ok that was dumb

Maka wrote:
You noticed no one in this topic who stated they like rap didn't have to diss the other genre where as the rock listeners did, also when you say rap sucks give a reason.

- Reason? Rap shouldn't be considered music at all (many people posted that did you not see?)
- Notice: Noone ever says jazz, pop, country, alternative, etc.. is not really music: only rap. Perhaps this says something?
- Notice: Rap fans can't diss/say rock isn't music, because then they would just look silly.

hulsadmin wrote:
Rap ALL THE WAY. i only like punk rock. the others just suck. there all about screaming and saying words that THEY dont even understand.and some have influence on people. at least with rap u can chill and listen to the lyrics and try to rap-along. they have different beats, so it wont be the same guitar and bass like rock. so rap is the best for me

Ok? You couldn't be farther from the truth. You obviously are not knowledgable in music.
- Rock is all about screaming? I don't even know what to say to that - it's like saying the sky is pink.
- Dude, listen to Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin, if you can't chill to that, something is wrong.
- Guitar is all the same beat? Do you even know what a guitar solo is?
I listen to both genre.. Depends on my mood.. Wink
I listen to rap, but I also listen to rock, so what do you guys have to say to that? But if I had to choose which one, I would definitly choose rap, rap is just so much better because of the bass. But it's just me.

rock is way better i hate rap its like there trying to speak but forgot the words
Rock, some Rap... Hip hop sometimes but mostly Jazz.

Are you having a personal war with somebody who is extreme like you in just one music-style?
As I've said in another post...I live for rock. Smile
I like more rock!

RAP is verrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bad!

I love rock all kinds of rock i probly wont admit it but i like some rap
i like both
but i like rock more than rap
Well, I like Rap-Metal.

- Clawfinger Cool
i like rap......espacily REmix...........Desi remix with some Rap..... Laughing
Very Happy its all about rap
(No ofenses at all) I think this is quite stupid. Music has not necessarily to be played with 'real instruments' As I said before... I love music as IT IS, JUST BECAUSE. Rap (i am not a huge fan), Rock, Classical, NeoClassical (notice that some neoclassicals take lots of Electronic elements, and it doesn't mean that become NONMUSIC), Country, Jazz, Folk, Blues, Opera, etc are all MUSIC GENRES. We have to face it: not because we don't like some kind/genre of music, we'll have the right to absolutely say it is not music at all... this is what i consider stupid...

Anyway, this is a free planet... full of free people, hehehe

BTW, i've got a kind of mix (i forgot the name for it) of Cradle Of Filth vs M.I.A. <---that really ROCKS!!! (and RAPS!!!) hehehehe

Cheers!!! Cool
I like more rock, because its for ever.. Rock will come back in a few years, like hip hop is now back.. So stay tuned for the come back of Rock.. let we hope!
There's no end to this war actually. You can't compare two forms of music which are miles apart, and liked by different type of people.

Rap is a suitable way of expressing your emotions with power, putting in lots of words to underline your situation. If rhymed well, it is one of the most creative forms of music with the power to move people. On the other hand, Rock is a much deeper version of music, and the instruments used make it one of the best. I personally feel that it has an upper hand over Rap.
Yeah, this 'war' is kinda silly. Why do you have to choose one or the other? If you are really a music person you can find beauty in both.

I quite like both, although neither are my favourite kind of music.

Rap gets a bad name sometimes because American hip-hop artists continually sing the same about the same kind of themes, themes which have nothing to do with the ordinary person's life.

I can tell you, as a female, that I have NEVER cruised around in my beamer picking up hoes. Nor do i want to. I don't think my breasts are milkshakes or my arse is a moneymaker. Even if I had money I wouldn't waste it on beamers and bling. Some of them have good beats though.

But actually not all hip-hop is about that, and if you listen to Australian or NZ hip-hop the themes are very different, and the style is much more relaxed, I like that. I enjoy wordplay and the cleverness of the lyrics at times.

I also like the excitement of rock.

I also like some folk, gypsy, latin, classical, metal, musicals, caberet, pop, jazz, blues, african, russian.... widen your horizons people!
I think both sounds cool .. just like linkin park. they're a rock band but they have a rap on their song Very Happy
Rock n' Roll, man! You can't turn your back on such a brutally awesome genre that has defined cultures world-wide with legends like Lennon and Zeplin. Woo! Rock on, my frihost compadres!
This a ****** stupid topic.
I obviosly prefer rock, but there cool rap too....
can't stand very hard rock,but pop rock is my fave
I don't mind to listen to Rap, but I would prefer Rock.
Actually, I am quite amused with Rap-Rock music from a band like Linkin Park.
I like Rock, but I don't dislike rap, the problem is rap has become a kind of "pop" music, and the original spirit of rap has been lost I think...
i like them all rock rap reage all kinds of music
Incredible that this very ubercool Rock vs. Rap all time classic hasn't been posted yet... You have to see it or be doomed! Aerosmith & Run DMC, walk this way:
As one easily can see it, the old folks staged it with the great sense of self-irony and humor, which some other musicians lack of, regrettably. I'm neither a fan of both of the two bands here, but hats off!

for me personally I'll have to say "rock!", if it's about to beat the hell out of some instruments... but language and the spoken word IS music, of course, and in secret I envy the ones who can play with the word their ability, because in language I always feel myself sort of clumsy...
I prefer Rock
Its depend on mood what do you like to listen? Both are good.
I like both, they have their own taste
This is the brain storming topic i have read thru my whole life.

Hard to choose. Lol

Controversial tricky question.

Hmmmm... Let me think.


I go for punk!

Yeahh.... Rockin rollin. Twisted Evil
I like both, but I like rock more than rap.
I think both rock and rap are good music, just that I happen to listen to rap more.

Idk but I think rock is often limited in the amount of words you can say, and rap is easily IMO to express more thoughts.

However, one thing rock has that rap doesn't always have is that singers need a vocal talent while rappers generally don't, they just need creativity and flow.
Rock mix rap............
rap is crap... Laughing I have never understood the rap thing.
I think both are really good. I think there is a time for both type of songs. Rap is good and rock is good too.
I think rap music is the best music so far because it is filled with intelligence. The punchlines and word plays, metaphors, simile etc are part of the features and qualification of a good rap music
rap is too modern.... hah that is totally off my timeline...
Don't forget to add roll to the rock.
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