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Studying for Tech Industry

I'm going to be studying for the tech industry. Why, because that's where the money is at so I decided to go to college again and study for tech (all ready having a degree in Math/Science). So far I've gotten a good amount of progress going and looking into a few things.
I know that good credentials may lead to a good job but why do you always need permission from the education system to get an income.

Have you looked at self employment. A friend of mine walked out of his job the other day and started his own business the next day. No education no credentials. So it was manual landscaping.

But you have credentials already. That will give credibility. Use your present knowledge to get contract work and learn what you need to know to assist your customers with other needs that arise.
Some jobs won't take you unless you have a proper degree or education. I want to come off very professional and to let my customers know that I've studied for the job I'm going to do and my thing is having that "Okay" from the education system will make my clients have trust in me and want to go farther.
Sadly you are right.. And most likely you are doing the correct thing..

Once upon a time (17 years ago) a manager from a large company was visiting my brothers place where I was on the computer. He saw what I was doing and gave me a contract straight away. $50 per hour in 1995. But times have changed.

Good luck
some jobs wont even promote you unless you have a college degree. may not even matter what degree you have, could be completely unrelated to your work. But it's a degree. Weird how this society works. I know enough about computers I could make a decent living for any company willing to train me a little. which i guess is what i'm doing now... I'm working on my CCNA and MCSE certifications now to help me even more. Given, earning those will really teach me a lot! which is why they're so good verses just a college education. Which I'll need any way for the "Degree" part. if my future promotions didn't require a degree in Anything (really they don't care what), I would be just fine getting these certifications. learn JUST what I need to know, and make me better at my job with out the necesity of going to college to spend the time learning what about 20% will actually help me with my job...

Ah. Oh well. It's life I guess.
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