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Which phone is better?

I want to change a new phone, but i do not know which phone is better? iphone is good, but the price is so expensive, and what i am using now is sony ericsson.
What is your needs?
What are you thinking about Android?
A friend of mine purchased a really nice LG E612 for a fraction of the iphone price. His BlackBerry got stolen when he left his bag outside a mosque for prayers (tch tch .....). So he had to make his mind up pretty fast for a replacement phone. Not that one would compare the LG E612 and iPhone as it all depends what you really want from the phone. My friend has basic needs. He needs a really good phone for contact management, uploading photos, communicating with his family in Sudan. My needs are more or less the same. I'm thinking of getting one myself, but want to give my friend a month or two just to see whether there are things happening that I could have missed. He has had the phone for three weeks now and he is as enthusiastic about it as Day 1. Amazing how lucky one can get without doing research before the purchase. The exact same thing had happened with me when I purchased my Toshiba Ultra Notebook in July, with no research either.

I tried my friend's phone myself, and it's just as the review below said. VERY easy to hold and just the right size. Easy to put in top pocket as I prefer. Touch screen is very sensitive and very great. I also like it when I'm phoning that the phone touch pad is holding too and not disappearing too quickly.

Everything about the phone is instinctive and logical. I didn't have to ask my friend once how to do something. That part I really like as I hate to have to work my way through a manual BEFORE I first start to use the phone. I always check manuals for special features, but the basic stuff should be logical and smart. And this phone is that way. It is a smart phone.

Review Link:

The phone retails for 700AED in the UAE which is around 290 USD.
Buy android phones specially Samsung, IMHO! Cool
Nokia's Lumia has windows 8 and it works!
What are your need ?
what do you want from your phone ?
what is your prize range ?,
Cosmoslayer wrote:
Buy android phones specially Samsung, IMHO! Cool
I'm beginning to think Samsung is expensive and that it is well worth the effort to check out value for money with other brands. Most of them have been catching up on the smart touch phones. Looks as though Nokia has been doing lots of work as well. I may still end up buying a Nokia. Since my needs are phone first, all of the other bells and whistles are second.
If searching for a smart phone pick between iphone or Android.
Yes,its costly but worth buying it.
Just remember that any touch phone needs to be charged daily compared to normal button phone. They consumes more power because of their inherent architecture plus are more costly. The touch screen looses sensitivity over time ( except high end models like i-phone).
I personally rather have Android. Of course there are different models of Android. The Samsung Galaxy S line is good atleast for modding, for one because with the Captivate and Fascinate, they have the unbrickable mod available if you like to install ROMS and such on it so there would be no need to worry of messing your phone up. Of course they might not be the top of the line of features but they are still good phones. Fascinate is for Verizon and Captivate is AT&T.
If you live in country where Google Play Service is available, you can try Google Nexus 4. It's a very nice smartphone.
I second linux1993,
The Nexus 4 is a very nice smartphone. It has 2GB of RAM and a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon. It's also sold unlocked and is under $350 (in the US). The only drawbacks for US users is that it is a GSM phone and the only GSM carriers are AT&T and T-Mobile over here. This shouldn't be that much of a problem elsewhere since GSM carriers are generally a de facto standard. Demand has been quite high and the phone has been 'Sold Out' for at least the past three weeks. I'm considering getting one and constantly checking the Google Play store for inventory!
A couple of years ago I'd recommend Blackberry (especially if you e-mail on the go a lot) but nowadays any Smartphone would do. It depends on your needs really. If all you need is calling and texting then I'd say go for the cheapest phone in the store. If you want other features like a Camera, games, e-mail, web browsing, etc. then Android, Nokia and Sony Ericsson are quite good. The iPhone is the best however it is very expensive.
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