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Walking down the railroad tracks..

TheWiseMan wrote:
Let me begin by telling you twice I have been compelled to walk and go to the side of town I used to live on in hopes to make some money, this is not exactly an easy decision because it's a 6 mile walk one way in the middle of winter and I don't currently have a coat just a couple different sweatshirts I alternate. Now the first time I start my little journey it's fairly uneventful but the way I went I felt compelled to follow some train tracks that I already knew which isn't uncommon but there's other routes that are equally as beautiful and serene. As I'm walking about the only things I noticed were a small pond some older abandoned tracks that weren't apparent from either the road I got on the tracks at nor the road I left the tracks at, and a shabby tent that was soggy had been left standing and no longer was. Pretty nice walk all in all got to expand my thoughts a bit and enjoy the relative silence. True to my gut when I reached my destination I got some carpentry work with a contractor I know.
The next time I decide to go for a quest I take the same way but without feeling compelled so to speak just had seemed like it had gone pretty fast the first time so why not go that way again had been my conclusion. Anyway even more far from bored this time I'm lost in my thoughts and about halfway to my destination when I hear what sounds like a short but loud high pitched scream, followed by the sound of a paper fan and as I look to the source of the sound which happens to be at my feet I see what humorously I thought to be a Golden Eagle, quickly I realized my mistake but now had no clue what it was other than a hawk of some kind. As I'm looking at it and it's looking at me intelligently I notice it's right claw has what appears to be a scrape and he's leaning on his left side. Since he's laying on the train tracks and clearly healthy enough to attempt to scare me off I become somewhat worried for his safety and decide I'm going to try and get him off the tracks.
First thought is: I have to use something to wrap him and hopefully blind him with so he can't attempt to fend me off and obviously the first thought I had was the tent I found prior which circumstantially was within 50yds or so of the hawk. It starts raining while I'm looking for this tent which feels like it's taking forever and just as I start thinking I'm going to take of my sweater and use that because I didn't decide to spend the time to help this bird for nothing when WHALA the tent is within 10 feet of me. As I proceed to gather the tent it proves much more difficult than anticipated because unbeknownst to me it had most of it's poles in it and was fully anchored just no longer standing and slightly ripped. After what felt like an eternity messing uprooting the tent I finally get pack to the hawk wrap him up and proceed to walk the next 3 miles. Another eternity. lol Smile
Finally I reach a friends house and after calling several local vets find out there's nobody available to come pick him up (that wouldn't put the bird out of it's misery w/o any med attention) and that I can take him to a vet 9 miles south of my location but only have 40 minutes to do so before they close and don't have a ride. Well just when it seems hope is lost for this poor guy finding better help than mine before the end of the night I get a phone call by volunteers from Soarin' Hawk Raptor Rehab who say they can come pick him up, long story shortened a bit they came looked him over and said he has a good chance at survival and that they'll keep me informed. Sometimes I wonder if this experience known as life really is per-ordained,

Will post an update as soon as I find out how my new lil buddy is doing until then, peace & love.
good job man. birds of prey in general are endangered by pollution of their environment, their species is in decline. They are birds with a most elegant way to fly. To watch them fly is a pleasure.
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