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How to ask friend return money?

I have rented a two rooms house, and now my friend live with me to gethere. i have paid the rent for 1 year, my friend never talk me with the rent.
I think she should pay a half of the rent, but i think it is not good to ask her, what should i do ?
That really seems like a hard situation. But be open to him. Is she your girl friend or sth? Rolling Eyes
I would just ask her in a direct but polite way.
personally I try not to get in that situation. in my life I've learned that a true friend will give you the money back as soon as they can. I try to be a good friend by not asking money one
cooky24 wrote:
I have rented a two rooms house, and now my friend live with me to gethere. i have paid the rent for 1 year, my friend never talk me with the rent.
I think she should pay a half of the rent, but i think it is not good to ask her, what should i do ?
I'm the same as Marcuzzo, I try my best to never get into situations like that. If it bothers you seriously though, it's probably better to discuss it with her openly and rather sooner than later. The longer you let it slide, the more unhappy you may get, and it may lead to tension in your relationship with her. When you discuss it with her, it may be a good idea not to discuss it as a demand, more like an expectation and asking her what her thoughts on the matter are. She may think she is contributing in different ways that you are unaware off.
I have this problem in general. When u lens money and the people don't come up by themself, how do u get back your money? Very Happy I hate to ask it but if I do I feel kinda guilty for it. Should I? Mhm... What do u think? I know people just simply forget about it and its not their bad intention. But it annoys me Very Happy
Ask her directly for the money. Better now than wait and let the resentment grow. That will end your friendship. Ask her politely and directly.
I agree, be straightforward but polite. Do it ASAP since it will just get harder as time progresses. Good luck
if you marry her everything will be clear that you dont have to ask money from her to pay the house rent. you will be more happy if you have childrens in the house.
In my view, you should just ask her for it in a polite but clear way. It's never a good thing to keep something like that bottled up, and hoping that she'll realize it herself and start paying you.
Scare her, threaten her! Twisted Evil
just tell her her that you are having financial crisis, and it would really help if she paid half the rent.. after all she is living as much as you are, right?
don't be afraid, just tell her..
and just be sure that you are participating equally in other expenditures, bills, and grocery and all..
and if she is the one who cooks for you everyday, cleans the apartment, then you better not ask her, forget about the money..
are you seeing her?? if it's a serious relationship that shouldn't have been a problem, because shared money right?

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yes just put it the question up! this is a natural question, but females think different. If you don't get anytinhg out of it, she is just trouble.
You have to be straight forward and ask for the money. You cannot let your friendship be in danger because you never talk about money. If it helps, you should use your rent bills as a conversation starter.
I have been in this sort of sensitive situation. I requested my friend to return the money he had borrowed from me. He changed colours and not only refused to repay but also lodged a false and malicious complaint against me with my employer. Today, we are not friends any longer.
Steal all her stuff when she is out and sell it.
Give her back some of the money that remains.
Tell her you will give her back the rest of the money but you are going to borrow it until the end of the years rent.
At the end of the year give her back the rest of the money and kick her out into the street.0
Should have talked to her about the rest she had first moved in. Now it's bit hard to do since you haven't. But since she has no problem ignoring it I guess there is no other way but talk to her directly about it. Maybe she has financial problems or no money but it's better to talk to her and know if she can pay or willing to pay.
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