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Why COD:Black Ops II is horrible

What do you think of the new Call of Duty?
I Love It!
 9%  [ 1 ]
I Hate It!
 54%  [ 6 ]
I'm Undecided/In between!
 36%  [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 11

Personally I have been a fan of the Call of Duty franchise since Call of Duty 3, but this game knocks it off the axis of a decent game. First off, the game is the lagiest game I've ever played (on a console); it's like playing Halo 4 Highest Definition on a dual core processor with 2GB of RAM. Secondly, the guns are just trash, it has become a SMG and Shotgun dominant game because of the maps; this changes the complete franchise to a just run-and-gun mess. Thirdly I have never migrated hosts so much in one game. Lastly, the glitches, one game I was playing split screen with a friend then, what a surprise it migrated hosts and when we got back into the game it was a single player view but my friend was still in the game running around, just couldn't see his screen. Honestly this game needs a lot of work, and has given me a perspective of waiting for reviews on the next Call of Duty game instead of pre-ordering a game that should still have another 6 months to develop.[/i]
I'm undecided Very Happy , multiplayer is just by far better than previous versions because many items i had in my dreams for a CoD game are now available in multiplayer and this is just a lot good, but single player was really bad and what i think a CoD should be in single player is MW3 ! just kill and go, different endings is not something i can accept from a CoD game because if you put lots of things in a game then you will forget the main reason of that game being popular.

Give you an example, resident evil series were always full of different endings but in them you never ride a car ! CoD series are always popular because of simple shoot and kill style, but if you gather other things from other games in it then it will not make sense !
I'm undecided I got Black Ops II mainly for the zombie mode the multiplayer is ok I find it difficult to make a good class in the game. I do agree with u I am encountering a lot of rocket and shotgun noobs. I don't like kill streaks are based off of score not kills and having the dogs as one of them pissed me off to. But other then that I think it's an ok game eve though multiplayer is not my ideal choice
Since I never play multiplayer modes (too many 13 year old kids out there with too much time on their hands), I found Black Ops (1 & 2) to be pretty entertaining. Interesting stories, plot twists and some good script writing. Everything one needs to be entertained for a couple of hours after a hard day at work Smile
All FPS are horrible! Twisted Evil
COD is the best franchise for FPS - it can't be horrible - yup it's a little in a way they are making it more futuristic..
are they still selling the same thing over and over again?
These FPS games should all be hosted on dedicated servers , there just a little cheap to spend a little money to host these games as profits are the priority here and not the gamers satisfaction.
Ether way is halo 4 and COD 2[/i][/list]
I love the concept of the game but it has too much little faults that it is impossible to play it without raging in a couple of matches. The lmg's are way too op and the remingtong kills one shot from waaaay too long. There's so much lag and the camera angles are just worse. The only zombie map that seems cool is mob of the dead. The game has just his ups and downs.
It's pretty much a second Modern Warfare 2. Gameplay-wise, and with the fact that there are no dedicated servers. It was expected of the makers, but still very disappointing even though I saw it coming. Call of Duty 4 was the last good game of the series. Which is what I personally still play from time to time.
I don't like the community in these online FPS games, so I don't like the game in general.
its obvious that it s***s even tho i never played it n i dont wanna play it; cause after a serie of success a game publisher just throws the trashy ideas at the end of tha path, the original first copies always have to be the best.
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