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The real best antivirus

Ok let start a new thread about this issue, since I found a very old thread with some information that needs to be updated.

first, the "antivirus review" found in places like or are a very low actual value.

The AVs detect viruses in 3 ways: scantime, runtime, cloud.

Scantime detection is the traditional way antivirus detect infection: just parsing any files and, if a signature of some virus are found the antivirus delete it.
This method is old, obsolescent and more and more ineffective as encrypted excutables are created.

Runtime detection is a more advanced way and works watching how the executable behaves after execution.
This method is a lot better, because the ways for infect a system are a finite number, while the way an exe can be encrypted are pratically infinite.

Cloud detection. this method shares and update in real time signatures between users and the antivirus company through internet.
This method is even better, and is used more and more as the antivirus are upgraded.

As previously stated "antivirus review" sites often just performs a scantime analysis of a bunch of infected exe and just count how many detection an AV get and create a classification based on it.
This is horses**t.

There a lot of programs, that you can buy for 40$ or ever for free, in boards like or that can encrypt and obfuscate an executable practically in an infinite number of different ways and making impossible to detect it by just parsing the exe for a pattern of code.

The encrypted virus is totally different from the orginal but behaves similarly after is executed.
That way a behavior-based antivirus can intercept a lot more infections than a signature based AV.
Notwithstanding a lot of very good behavior-based AV are costantly trashed in those scantime-based classifications.

I run several av in my virtual machines environment, testing against some threats found on the wild and some who *cough cough* I create myself so feel confident enough to create this classification.


trend micro

Microsoft security suite



I will put motivation of this review in future, after some further discussion about the topic
all of them will faill with the correct dos attack
kaspersky is best in case if u do not have any net connection to get recent update.
it's pattern matching is excellent even without recent virus defination file.

Avast --->i do not what good is in it!!!!!!!!!!i never saw any other stupid antivirus like it.
may be latest one have some improvments.but not enough good.

Avira --> good as antivirus.but easy to bypass.not good for internet solution
kaspersky keeps the same bug since 2008 sudendly it starts to eat a lot of cpu in some cases 50%
emmsisoft? it's the first time i listen to something like that
i know kaspersky is the best one... avast and avira are not so good as you think and avg is the antivirus i would recommend for a home user...
I like Kaspersky antivirus. It is affordable and highly efficient. I have never had any trouble using it. Definitely recommended.
I use Comodo internet security and it does the job Wink
I used to use avira but I got tired of the Nagging popup

PS: GODTIER... seriously?
anybody else have use Emsisoft? i asked at another forum and they said it's not very good.
The best anti-virus is common sense...upgrades available daily.

Any anti-virus software that you install on your computer is only for when that fails.
Never heard about Emsisoft. Makes me wonder whether you're promoting them, however I believe that you're not.
A good, detailed and technically elaborated review of this subject might be of use.
Nowadays I'm using Windows Security Essentials and part of the reason for this choice was lack of proper reviews online.
Hi, there's no better av.. we have different customers using different HW firewall and different business av and they get phising, malwares and trojans.. the point is the user so..
I use AVG at home, Nod32 at work.
one of the best way to be protected is just use windows to work and linux to browse:D
I personally trust Avast and Antivir. Though I prefer Avast the most. It also will block spyware as well. Though I think Antivir has more features for free, though I dont like the occasional pop-up ads for the free version of Antivir. I seen some test/review that shown that both Avast and Antivir was good at detection of Viruses. I don't remember which of the two had the best detection.
I am using Avast and keep my search from untrusted sites. I like Avast because I can search for virus from root without start a Windows. By the way never heard about Emsisoft.

I use Norton Antivirus, it used to be an infamous resource hog but it's not that bad now. Seems to be doing its job fairly well - no infections in the past two years.
Emsisoft? never heard of it.... are you trying to market it?

anyway I'll check it's reviews.
Emsisoft?! Never heard Before..
I used to use Nod 32 then change to Avira
Avira is compact and does the job at home
But then Kaspersky is the best I have stumbled upon
My AV method is not so software based;
I don't want to promote this to anyone who doesn't know their stuff, of course you wouldn't do this on an office network, but I simply use a very active firewall on my systems and ensure I know what processes are running at all times. You might say I'll be in all sorts of imminent DANGER, but like <appsapps> said
The best anti-virus is common sense...

Its fairly easy to spot a lot of malware and virii before it's been given a chance to run. Also particularly noticable are their remnants in the temporary folders. If I reckon something really virusy is going on with my pc, or if a pc has been used by my LUMMOX friend Kev, I'll temporarily install serious AV, but this has happened only once. I find that most reputable download sources maintain a solid AV system... so I dont have to? (he writes semi-confidently)

Point is, I'm an extreme geek, I dont have time for safety nets. Costly flops!
On demand scanning from MalwareBytes is all I need, and occasionally online file scans like VirusTotal.

Cant stress enough though.... Dont let your lummox friend Kev go to all his wonky donkey pwn websites. thx for reading.
I agree with Vicar... but again it may a require a little tweak.

1. Download stuff you don't know about
2. Turn off Autorun (coming from USB or CD/DVD rom whatever)
3. Disable executing vbs,pif,bat, Autorun.inf <---
4. Always show hidden files and super hidden (most USB viruses hides the original file/folder and mimics the file/folder icon and name )
5. Only download stuff from reliable sites.
6. Don't drink while you are driving... (:O)
They will fail with a simple Programmed Virus; Avast is the leader so far, its funny how the antiviruses you mentionned are below average , GOd ? lol seriously pure publicity.
i HAVE BEEN USING aVAST SINCE last 8 years... best free antivirus
I've got Kaspersky on one of my computers, Nortons on the other and at work they use Microsoft. As far as I can see they are all very good, but probably the best method for virus protection is to navigate as safely as one can. Check that the browser software are up to date, Windows are up to date. Stay away from Facebook and other social networks where one could be at risk. When one downloads free software, be very careful with reading up reviews first, or do some research first for bad reports. That kind of thing.
Try Microsoft Security Essential. That's the best one. Other softwares (especially Norton Anti-virus) slow your computer down more than what a virus can do.
If you're not using Windows then don't worry about viruses.
I've used Avast for the last 3-4 years and never had a problem with it.
I am also using avast for the past 4 years but till now i have not get any problem
I am using Kaspersky antivrus and its really good for system.
I've also using Kaspersky Internet Security for years.
Good performance, not like Norton or others that lock up your system.
I was infected just once by a rootkit, because I had deactivated it for gaming, and then I downloaded something without re-activating it again.
By far, the best for me, I recommend it to everyone Very Happy
I'm pretty sure that I contributed to that "old" thread which is actually still quite a useful thread. Generally what prevents me from using antivirus software is the memory footprint or CPU usage that it taxes my system with.

Everybody likes speed, and to be honest, I've gotten away with not running antivirus software on my PC for quite some time. It's harder to hijack a browser now, particularly if you use Chrome or Firefox. The only real issues are installing illegitimate software, or browsing the seedier side of the internet (something 95% of people don't do).

Anyways, here's a site that does an excellent comparison of antivirus software (although I really wish they included MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials)).

Here's a graph from that site:

TL;DR: There was a sticky a long time ago, and this thread pops up far more than it should.
I am using Avast few years and I am happy with it. It is quite fast and enough for me because I am not surfing on dangerous sites. This year (2013) they go little bit downside with application issue and the loading time is growing up. But last week I got it new version 2014 and it is working perfect. The design is quite similar to 2012 but this version have the best performance and I am happy with it. Smile

I have Avast in my Windows 8 Laptop. But for my Desktop I use Comodo free Anti Virus. It works good but just to be make sure everything okey I run Eset Online virus scanner once a month too.
I've got 2 laptops,
1. professional that is managed by the company and has symantec endpoint protection.
2. Personal Laptop with Comodo internet security suite.

I've never been infected by a virus because of a few rules and limitations that will make your life easier.

1. Don't use an account with admin rights
2. Don't visit Porn sites ( there are other way's to get your hands om some porn Very Happy )
3. Don't open mails of people you don't know and be careful with clicking on links that have been sent to you by friends or people you know.
4. Disable Autorun ( any good AV will do that automatically)
5. use different browsers for different purposes.

and Last but not least Lock your machine when you leave your desk!
I don't understand 1. point Confused
Don't use an account with admin rights

Can you little bit give more information.

I have tried just about every FREE option out there, and I finally have settled on BitDefender Free Antivirus. Seems the least intrusive, but most protective. Avast free was always prompting me for something or the other, and it was very annoying (with no apparent way to turn it off). I run MalWareBytes free alongside BD, and it seems to be a good combination (with minor system overhead).
Malwarebytes or NOD32
Jones2020 wrote:
Malwarebytes or NOD32

Malwarebytes is amazing, but it is an anti-malware, not an antivirus (you should have both installed).

I have Windows 8, and with Windows Defender (which is also an antivirus now) I have never had a problem.
i used windows essential and work perfect for me.

Just make sure it is updated frequently. Every anti-virus is good as long as it is updated.
well, my experience using Microsoft Security Essentials since 2012 in xp and 7 was great... never face troubles like system stability issues, always detect malicious files / software...

before mse i used to be fans of avg or avast, but after these years the free version contains annoying ads... never recommend those av again to my colleagues...
Who has experiences with Emsisoft?
Is it really the best?

Do u use a firewall?
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