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UFO Filmed Over Hawaii

UFO filmed over Hawaii. Is it for real?
remote controloed ufo loll
to call an ufo of ufo you must have 2 confirmations from radar before
land air
air air
I don't see any extreme speed, maneuverability or even impressive lighting. Also yeah you need some primary radar returns often in order to further legitimise a case.

Just some lights, that someone probably rigged together in order to cause a stir. It's the same sort of culture as the people who make crop circles - it's like a constant cryptic battle between the cipher geeks and the new age UFO weirdos.

This sort of thing shines a bad light on serious UFO research, don't get me wrong thanks for posting but I just see this stuff a lot.
If it is unidentified, it's is flying and it is an object, by the literal definition, it qualifies as a real UFO.

I'm so skeptical about this video that I doubt there is such thing as Hawaii now. Smile

Ball lightning
Technically correct but a tad pedantic perhaps? It can be so easily explained. The unknown part should be completely without a doubt, unknown. I don't care for this random lights on a low res video nonsense, despite definitions, when there are such spectacular scientific anomalies that have occured in the past - the rest is frankly a disgrace to the, often meticulous, field of research.
Ouch. Tough crowd. But that's a good thing I guess. It really is just lights in the sky but still seemed cool to me.
Small hot air balloons with open flames for heat source?

We used to freak out the local media during college days this way, using the following materials:

    very large plastic bags (we used ones from the clothes cleaners)
    small sticks crossed like an X to keep the open end of the plastic bag open
    short wire (e.g. opened paper clip) fastened on one end at the center of the X
    cotton ball saturated with lighter fluid and placed on the other end of the wire to keep the cotton ball up inside the plastic bag

Light the cotton ball to supply the heat.
Release the inflated bag into the night air.
Turn on the radio/TV and listen to the media UFO reports.

We stopped this prank because - obviously - it was a fire hazard, and advise against trying this.
Well the nearest planet capable of life is more than 12 light years away from earth, so these "aliens" should be so technologically advanced that they'd already contacted us.
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