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Has spin lost its existence in India ?

Not expecting to get a Shane Warne out of the country but I still feel that the level of spinners in hte country has gone down. India now produces spinners that rely on pace and bounce of the pitch rather than extracting spin from the pitch. Piyush Chawla seems to be the only spinner that can spin the ball and bowls the orthodox spinners but he too has to sit out and warm the benches most of the time for Ashwin. On the other hand countries like England West Indies and Pakistan have really succeeded to nmurture spin in their teams and are reaping teh rewards of that. The best example is that of Englist spinners dominating teh Indian batmen in India. the BCCI went wrong in not pursuing with an inexperienced Piyush Chawla some four years back and hence are looking for spinning options today. Amit Mishra does seem to be an option but the guy is too slow in the air to make any significant impact. So what do we do. Pragyan Ojha and Ashwin or Pragyan Ojha and Chawala for future. Or may be an Ashwin and Chawla with Pragyan Ojha and Two pacers Razz .... The five bowler and 6 batsmen strategy. With Chawla and Ashwin as backup batsmen Very Happy LOL
Hi, certainly hasn't lost it's existence over there.....there are 2 super spin bowlers playing in the test series Very Happy

Certainly the quality of spin bowling in India has gone down, but it is also a fact that one can't have an Anil Kumble every five years or so. We will have to wait and let the current bunch of spinners develop and get to their peak, so that they can deliver wholly for the team. Ashwin, Ojha are some of the quality spinners that the team has, and they need motivation and encouragement to take it to the big level.
I've often wondered - in India - there are so many people, cricket is the national sport - it seems to be played everywhere there is open space (or this is the media impression we are given in England)...why aren't there hundreds of brilliant cricketers coming through all the time?
Do they still operate the caste system there, where only public schools kids get chosen for the national team?
Could it be that if EVERY good player in India was eligible to play for the country, that most of the guys that had played in the past would never have got anywhere near the team?
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