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Do you like Techno?

Some friends of mine from the UK, France, Germany etc. travel around europe with their soundsystems. They organize frequently free Raves all over the places and attract thousends of people all the time. Of course sometimes the police turns up and stops it all. You can see some pics here

here is a link to one of their sites loaded with some of their music. Feel free to download and share with your friends.

Have Fun Laughing
thanksss!! Very Happy

i heart techno.
No i don't like techno, house, dance,...
Well it was a question wasn't it?
dont hear techno,The Flash say what!
I dont like generally techno too much. I like Kahvi. [ ] There's a large archieve of different styles in electronic music. Kahvi is great !

Yes I do, but you have to know that raves parties are allowed in France (but the rules are very strict...)
i like techno, but i prefer other music style as house, or progressive Wink
Techno rulezzz.....
check my site if you like
I believe Techno/Deep Bass/Progressive/House Music is very expressive and complex. I enjoy it because of this. It just has that property of music that makes you think...WOW. Don't you agree?

However, the raves? I don't really think those are so great.
Well, I like techno, but not as much as some radical people do. I believe Techno was/is a different and innovative musical movement. Nowadays techno has been replaced by the new multicultural music era. I guess we already have plety of good choices to pick up our fave music genre.

Anyways, I'll take a look into the site Smile

Cheers!!!! Cool
However, the raves? I don't really think those are so great

in Holland they are!!Wink
Techno Rocks! Where would DDR be without Techno?
I love Techno very much! It´s a faboulous to me...
Well, I guess it!
Bye! Very Happy
I've got to say that of all techno, I think psy-trance is the best. Just crazy psychadelic shizz. Anyone heard of Shpongle?
In Poland we say about techno one thing: TECHNO SRECHNO. in my opinion this is some kind of dogs shit, not a music. but it's only my opinion, not yours. good raps forever! especially underground shit like mf doom (my fav), madlib (!), j5, ninja tunes production, stones throw productions, .. that is music
It's really weird how techno is popular in the UK. We need to play metal and snap them all out of this techno thing.
I quite like techno, you should listen to 'technologic' by 'daft punk', if you haven't already. also 'audio bullys' have remixed 'My baby shot me down' by 'Nancy Sinatra'. I sounds really good.
I love soulful/beach house, ambient, and drum n bass. Some of the artists I like are Leftfield, Kaskade, Late Night Alumni, Ming+FS, Miguel Migs, Chicane, Jamiroquai, Artful Dodger, Basement Jaxx, Daft Punk, J Davis, Andy Caldwell, Telepopmusik, Groove Armada.

I hate trance. I also don't dig raves and the whole "exstasy" movement.
I love Techno very much! It´s a faboulous to me...
Paul Knight


Evil or Very Mad
I never listen to Techno Techno music, but in some songs that are considered "pop" for example have a bit of techno in it. "American Life" by Madonna (ok that was random) is pop, but those sounds are really technoish Exclamation
I love Techno, House, Dance. Techno is great music on Disco. Cool
I like some styles of techno,
particulary drum'n bass, and Hardcore. In france, we some
very good bands like High tone, la phaze...
Trance and Rave music rocks. It's a genre that shows more creativity, complexity and style than any other. I have a lot of respect for ATB, Scooter, Tiesto, Global Deejays, Brooklyn Bounce, 4 Strings, Cosmic Gate etc.

Anyone who outright hates techno should do themselves a favor and ask a friend for their favorite picks. You won't be disappointed.
I think most styles of techno are just another form of pop music. And I don't care too much for Pop.
What I really like are certain styles like Drum'n Bass. There is nothing better for dancing than Drum'n Bass. Just pure Rhythm.
Best clubs for this are in Berlin, Germany. If you are there, go and visit the ICON or Rosis
GrimReaper77--> I think i have heard of 4 strings. Have they played the music for "requiem for a dream" ? I think I have seen this name in the
beginning of the movie
I dont' really care for techno unless it's used in exactly the right setting. Like in a mortal combat game or something.
thank you
I will have a look

I don't know it before
well.... I am not really interested in this kind of music, try thank you any way, may the link you showed can change me...
I Like all dance music. Well except the really heavy mind mashing stuff. Anyone else heard of a band called pendulum? personally i think they're amazing! Smile
of course I like it, is good music Very Happy
rossyboy8 wrote:
I Like all dance music. Well except the really heavy mind mashing stuff. Anyone else heard of a band called pendulum? personally i think they're amazing! Smile


They sure as hell aint techno though.. they are 'Drum and Bass'.

I think this whole topic is worded wrong.. the question is. do you like EDM (electronic Dance music)?

Pendulum is one of the top DNB artists atm, their beats are simply amazing. You cant touch those drums.. Also Noisia is really good, also DnB. They are pushing the limits in music production as far as EDM goes.

But my personal favirote style is Trance. Techno is okay though. I basically like all EDM.

pendulum for sure Shocked
I like some techno music occasionally. There are ones that just get on your nerves because they repeat the same thing over and over. Some of them have great sounds and the repeating is fine but some are not. My friends don't like it. They're all into rap, hiphop, and all the other stuff.
House Cool
bull blood
It's good dance music.. Wink
I listen same time Broukln Bounds Confused I think I write Correct Very Happy
Head Hunter
I hate it!!! Evil or Very Mad
i like it very much
meh, techno isnt real music to me because its made by machines.. Laughing
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