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Whcih color is your favorate?

Blue is my favorate color, it is so clearly and beautiful, the which color is your favorate?
it can look stupid but guess what i dont have one never did
Mine often changes, but silver has been my favourite for quite some time now. Purple and Orange are up in my top 3.
I didn't have one until someone told me theirs was blue. I thenceforth chose blue as my favorite. Years later, I found myself in a dark cloud of literature, melancholy and beauty. Dark red became by newest acquisition. I used it on my webpage and was in love with it for a while. Now, dark blue came out of nowhere and is a fierce opponent to dark red.
I like blue as well. Contrasted with dark red it can be great as well. With plenty of white background.
orage, it's weird because i hate orange clothing, cars, acessories etc. but ilike the collor
I always like blue, but not any blue, a lighter one. Very Happy
i like blue.but it is not very hard and fast rule to wear blue all the time i like other colors that suits to me and enhance my personality.
im always like blue color and never change from i was a kid
blue is a great color for me.
Almost everyone likes blue. I like blue after white. My favourite color is white because it looks professional. Many professional websites such as Yahoo and Google use white as their main color. You should add a poll to see which color is the most liked. I'm sure that blue would win.
Cool colors are quite nice; teal and purple are a ways up there. I've always been partial to black over most others, though, as it slims the figure and looks quite elegant, so long as you don't look like a neckbeard.
I was half expecting to see a Monty Python quote here.

Not sure if I have one anymore.
Blue, black, gray, and white~ Perhaps that's because I like the ocean~ Wink
But actually I think every color will fit in as long as it matches the style of other parts~ I will be sometimes in red or purple~
as a kid always green...

But today I am more into soft colormatching - and NOT scream white upon hi gloss black as in modern chabby chick,,, chabby chick sucks!
Don't know whether it's the influence of the season, but somehow red contrasted with white particularly for Websites look great.
Maroon is great indeed, contrasted with black. Today I'm into my average favourite colour. Blue and white.
I cannot pick one color particularly but I think my favorite color is green, blue and yellow.
cooky24 wrote:
Blue is my favorate color, it is so clearly and beautiful, the which color is your favorate?

I am not understand the word "favorate color". Moreover, if you are talking about my favorite color as like other men it is "Blue"
Blue is my favourite colour i have decorated my house in it Smile I also like yellow as a secondary colour which also contrasts well with blue
When I was a kid I would have answered this question with blue or black. Nowadays I don't think I have a favourite colour. It's good that there are many different colours so that we can have a big variation and choose the most suitable depending on situation or mood.
Azure is my favorite color. It always remind me of color of clear sky, then I will feel very nice. Things decorated with azure are very beautiful.
I like blue colour.
I even like green with black
& i like while along with other good colours. Smile
inuyasha wrote:
Blue, black, gray, and white~ Perhaps that's because I like the ocean~ Wink
But actually I think every color will fit in as long as it matches the style of other parts~ I will be sometimes in red or purple~

I like these colors too, and the ocean!
I really like emerald green. That's partly because it's my birth stone and I have green eyes. I also like navy blue and I wear that a lot because it's a colour I'm very comfortable with. My sister would always complain that I wear too much of the same colour and I need a little more variety... Variety scares me.
I like brown. Not the really bright, in your face kind of brown but something like this:

Also, I think the colour of the pawn on my avatar is awesome.
My favorite color is green. As the rest of the colors, the green color innumerable nuances. I like most dark green nuances. They remind me of the dark green coniferous forests, their peace and tranquility.
today i like purple.. Smile
I very like black. Because I see that c olour is strong same me. Sometime, My friends said that: Why do I like this colour? I only smile
I like sky blue color

some time I like gray color, when in cool mood
Orange is my favorite color. pretty much started when I began racing dirt bikes. KTM was my favorite make of motorcycle. Really nice bikes! I'm true to the orange blood.
green,black and blue is my favourite colour.i like these colour.most of the time i wear the colour of this type.
My fovourite colors are rather warm ones with one exception which is something like dark cyan, mixed green and blue. As I mentioned, I mostly prefer warm colors like a bit yellowish red, orange, strong yellow. I don't like brown at all, I don't care about violets/purples.
Green and purple. One of my bedroom walls was painted in light green. Smile
I really love a certain tint of azur blue sky (Spain, France)

Say, combined with smiley gold-like yellow Surprised

Maroon and lime are my favorite colors.
I am very fond of darker colors such as black, red, and orange. I would have to say that there are my top three.
Green is my favourite colour. But I am partial colour blind. So I don't know what I seen as green is actually green or not.
Golden color is my most favorite color.
Can't really choose my favorite color. I got a top two though: blue and yellow. Smile
Does it have to be one colour for all time or can change on your mood? My favorite colour for today is grey. Tomorrow it might change.
Pink is my favorite since forever. I have a pink stethoscope and I look forward to owning a pair of pink galoshes someday.
#00FF00 - green
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