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How do you decide what size moniter for a computer?

How do you decide what size moniter for a computer?
Depends on your needs, of course.

Practically no one gets in the 15"-17" these days - unless it is an office buying a lot of PCs and trying to cut costs.
If you're a movie buff or something, get 23" and upwards. I got a 23" and looks good for movies.

Generally bigger screens work good for everything (3d, movies, etc). The only problem which you might face is that most websites designed for a standard resolution of around 1024x768 don't expand leaving ugly white gaps on the sides. But that's only a small thing when you consider all the plus points.
Distance from eyes to the screen
if you buy a too big screen you will feel the need to be far from it lets say there are 50cm between your eyes and the screen 23 is the max you should buy
I have used quiet a lot of screen sizes and my experience tells me that 19 inch screen is the best. I have used 14 inch screen for more than 5 years and frankly its outdated now and nobody uses it. There is an option for 15 inch and 17 inch which are good for official work but its the 19 inch that is great for both work and entertainment. Its perfect for eye and damn nice to use.

Any screen size more than 19 inch is a bit hard to work with. They are great for movies no doubt about that but are a bit difficult to work with. So, its 19 inch screen for me.
I think that somewhere between 19" and 26" is OK, because you're not too far from the screen and not too close to it either.
I've got a 23" screen and while I could get a bigger one, this one suits me just fine for watching films from a distance and also when I work on the computer, closer to the screen.
A 19" screen would be too small for films. A 26" screen would be to large to put on the same desk where I work.
I have 18.5 inch 'wide' screen monitor that works fine for me including my CAD work. Two tips to help your eyes: first, Should be at minimum arm's length away from you. Clearly the larger the screen, the farther away it should be. second: turn the brightness and contrast down. (mine is at 35 of 100) This will save your eyes and monitor.
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