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Cherry Blossom Festival

Every year from March 15th to April 15th is the Cherry Blossom Festival. The cherry blossom has more than 30 species and 300 varieties in Japanese, there are cherry blossom everywhere in the park. Japanese think the cherry blossom is the symbol of industrious, brave and wisdom.
Japanese Cherry Blossom’s life is very short, there is an adage said that seven days cherry, the mean is a cherry from open to fade is just need seven days. So the Japanese family don’t crop the cherry blossom generally, they think that is unlucky to the family’s prosperity.
Cherry Blossom Festival began in 1912; the mayor of Tokyo presented three thousand cherry trees as a symbol of peace, some folk groups of Washington initiated to hold the first Cherry Blossom Festival, then this activity continued.
In modern times, when the festival comes, people invited relatives and friends to sit on the ground under the cherry tree with food and wine. Watching the cherry blossoms while drinking, it is a pleasure in life.
I love cherry blossoms. There is a beautiful cherry blossom tree at the entrance of the Burrard Sky Train Station in Royal Shopping Centre. Wonderful aroma as well. At the same time hundreds of multi-coloured tulip blooms all over the city.
The Cherry Blossom Festival (Party) is an event that takes place throughout Japan when the Cherry blossoms open in spring. Basically it is celebrated by going to have a picnic beneath the trees. People eat food and drink beneath the pink blossoms almost anywhere where there are cherry trees and a space to sit down. This goes on for about a week until the blossoms fall. In bigger parks, huge groups of people together will put down blue tarpaulins, sit down and have a bbq / party.
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