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Military Officer


I am currently serving as an Officer in the U.S. Army, and I would love to talk to anybody who is either interested in a possible career in the U.S. Army, or just interested in what it's like. I cannot and will not speak to how other branches (Air Force, Navy, Marines) operate, because each branch is different and expects different things their Officers.

I am in no way affiliated with any recruiting stations, and am not in any way an official spokesperson for the U.S. Army. That being said, any answers I may provide you are either based on my experiences or my opinions.

My life path up until now looks like this:

Graduated high school, went to college, graduated college in 2007 with degrees in English Literature (not grammar!!!) and Political Science. I worked in the civilian world for a couple of years selling telecommunications products to small-mid sized businesses, and then decided to join the Army.

I joined the Army as an Officer through Officer Candidate School (OCS), as opposed to ROTC or West Point, which required me to attend Basic Combat Training (BCT) at Ft. Knox, TN and OCS at Ft. Benning, GA. At OCS I was torn between becoming an Armor Officer and an Air Defense Officer...I chose Air Defense because of the seemingly higher level of proficiency Officers were on their respective weapon opposed to becoming a generalize mid-level manager. My biggest goal is to gain a specialize skill set while in the Army, so that when I decide to leave or retire I will be valuable in the small global missile defense niche that is out there. Specialization means higher paying (though harder to acquire) jobs.

Today, I am a Tactical Control Officer, which means I operate a Patriot missile system.

I would love to answer any questions anybody has, or just discuss military life in general. This is not a place to rant about your opinions on war and/or America's projection of power in other countries.

I am currently stationed in Germany.
I meet some sailors off the Constellation Carrier.. I was very impressed. It seems to me that the entire US army / air force / marines is all about education..
Yes, education and mentoring is a very large part of our military culture.
Thank you for service to the country!
You are very welcome! I am honored to serve.
How is the training on the US army?
The training is good. For the most part, Basic Combat Training (the first Army school you attend) is meant to tear away your civilian attitude and help create a different mentality...behind every stupid thing a new Soldier may do is an important lesson that may save a life in combat some day. It's also where you learn how to march, shoot, and how the Army communicates.

Officer Candidate School is more or less similar to Basic Combat Training, but much more attention is paid to every little detail, and how to plan and execute squad/platoon level maneuvers in combat situations.

That's not all though, the Army has tons of schools ranging on a variety of topics...from moving equipment via land, air, or working with computer network and datalink interfaces. For the most part though, Army (and all military training) is extremely methodical and detail oriented.
Is there still a lot of being yelled at by noncoms during officer training? I guess it's their only chance!

I don't think I have the stomach to follow orders all the time.
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