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How to write a composition on this topic?

Write a composition on the topic "People's Attitude towards Being Expert or Just So-so in What They Do".
Some people like to be expert in whatever they do. Others prefer to be just so-so.
Which do you prefer? Support your answer with specific reasons and examples.
I am just wondering if there are people who don't wanna be expert in his/her profession?
likeabreeze wrote:
Others prefer to be just so-so.
I don't agree that people would prefer to be just so-so. All of us would like to excel in whatever we choose to do. I'd agree that there are people who have accepted (for right or wrong reasons) that they can only be so-so, but if they had a preference, I'm dead certain they would prefer to be experts.
That i believe as more to do with personality, you see there are people that only care with them, so if what there are doing is not for them, in their way of thinking so so is more than enough
Depending on the topic, becoming an expert can be extremely difficult. For example, in software engineering, there are many topics one could choose to become an expert in, but would take years of learning to get there. It may be sufficient to simply be above average or proficient in a given topic. This may allow you to become above-average in many other topics as well, instead of devoting your time to one.

So really it's a choice to become a "Jack of all trades, master of none"-type of person. Except in software engineering, it's often better to have a pretty broad base of topics in which you are comfortable.

Personally, I would like to become an expert on something, although I'm not quite sure what that something is yet. I'm still broadening my base as well.
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