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Your earliest experience of having a computer virus

I can put a date on mine because I was finishing a 2 year Computer diploma at college in 1994
A virus checker picked it up in 1994
They were quite rare in those days
2 years ago - the dreaded screen thanks to a virus. Installed Malwarebytes to get rid of it.
I don't remember when my first encounter was but I remember what it did.

Hid all the icons on my desktop and hid all my programs. Luckily I knew how to fix it!
1990 and was called 100 years
The first experience I can recall was on Windows 98SE. I believe I had AVG installed at the time, and when it detected the virus in some file I had downloaded, it immediately switched the system to DOS (or whatever DOS-like mode 98SE had) and prompted me for action. I remember being thoroughly impressed by AVG, especially given that it was free software.

The first actual bad experience I can remember was with some malware that redirected all pages to ads. It messed with the hosts file and some other things to make it difficult to search for ways to remove it.
my first encounter was Die Hard 2. it was 1994. every time I run a program a big SW will show. it was quite nice and I ask my friend what he did to my computer. I think he put some kind of launcher but he was baffled too when he saw it. at that time i think i used mc affee. then i switched to norman (i think) to remove it.

another big encounter was in 1998 with iloveyou worm. since it's worm and windows 98 don't have firewall, it truncated all documents in my shared folder. my computer itself was not infected because i don't use outlook.

when i used windows OS, i used norton antivirus until one day in 2001 where a lot of my files was infected/deleted. i don't know what was the virus. then i switched to other antivirus, some free, some paid until I stick to nod32 (cannot remember when) until today.
In the days of the commodore Amiga the viruses was very very frequent. We learned just by looking at the first sectors on a floppy whether it had a virus or not. Why did we look? well the copying of software was huge, and I recall you could always take a look at the first sectors where the startup sequence was by the copying software.

The gr8 thing was that you seldom had a hard drive in those days, it became later to be normal, so the virus was not more dangerous that it trashed all your software. More or less...

We also had software with collections of viruses to spread! Preatty cool to add a virus to someones floppy collection Laughing

In the days I had a collection of 5000 pcs of floppy discs for that system, I collected em like stamps... preatty bizarre...

Later on I was one of the first to make a virus when the microsoft office package came about. One word/excel file just shut down the computer for a long time - fun days...
I had my first virus from a floppy under MS-DOS. Terrible days :S
I had my first virus from a floppy under MS-DOS. Terrible days :S

me to the 100 years was on floppy and ms dos 5 or 6 i belive
Even to this day my first virus makes me smile. My first computer was in the days of the first Pentium 75s, which came equipped with 256mb memory, and a massive 1Gig HD.

Upon receiving my new Rolls Royce I unpacked it, and fumbled through the manual while connecting it all together. When I turned it on with the sheer excitement of seeing Windows95, I grabbed my CD from a computer magazine & placed it in the CD caddy, as I wanted to try a a music visualization computer program called Cthugha.

Wow was I amazed when it installed and ran it, believe me this was the bees knees. However, this was short lived, as after a while I turned the system off, but with childish excitement had to turn it on again. Well at least that is what I thought, because when I did turn it on there was nothing. It took two weeks of telephone calls for support to help me get it up and running, and the end conclusion was that the virus was on the magazines promo CD.

I was one of the first worms, and it infected the floppy disk need to boot. For two weeks that dead system taunted me, after which I had my revenge and played DOOM hard-core to punish it.
after which I had my revenge and played DOOM hard-core to punish it.

Well done ! Laughing
I don't remeber mine but I don't care about virus anyway. LOL. I haven't really encountered a serious one, but I do I will just result to formatting my HD. XD
I don't really remember~ There seemed to be loads of .bat scripts in each partition of my hard drive, which would immediately appear again when they were deleted. Except those files, I found nothing weird~ But I felt extremely annoyed and tried hard to get rid of them. And finally I formatted partition C and installed a new operating system.
is very bad.i don't know what i have to do.but now i am expert doing every things.
thats why bot networks are so easy to setup
a virus automatically change theme of the microsoft word program and showing some love massage.
thats not a virus but probably a macro in exel
When i was like 5 my computer started to randomly sing ghost busters. I thought it was actually pretty funny, but that was my first memory.
i had other viruses but my first remarcable virus was msblaster

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