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Never be Alone---Phoney or rich

Drink again the demons.
Children does not know
what is the meaning of drugs:Smoking and Drinking and more.
They think,the children,the adults want to destroy lungs and liver with this,because they do not want to live anymore.
But this is not the reason for using drugs.
Also a little bit.
Why do humans,special adults,use drugs?
Inside there demons and they are talking the whole day.
What do they say in general,because Smokedemons are diffrent from other Drugdemons.
To many thoughts are outcoming out of me and other people can see this:I must hide tension.Cigarette allows me,to count from 1 to 20 without seeing my ugly mirrorpicture.
Example: A smoking human in TV talking with his child.
The child is asking: Parent, why did You do this.
Parent took out of the pocket the cigarette,and gives the wrong answer,
because the right answer would make the child angry.
No job?
We help humans, who do not have a job or cannot find a job
or cannot find an ecucation.
How do we do it?
First we look at the
"application documents".
During the last 20 years
all application documents, written bei jobless people, were bad written.
So first we improve together the documents.
Second we train the interview style.
Always the style was very bad.
There are two ways to destroy an interview:
a Talkling like a machine gun without listening to the new boss
b Silence, this does mean, the client is or was to shy for talking and show himself-herself in a good way.
we ask, why the client did loose the job.
And there are two answers:
Struggle with the boss
Struggle with co-workers
So we teach them peace.
And after one workshop
all clients could or can find a job.
So our experience is
the people are not jobless because of bad knowledge of mathematics or something like this
the people without job had social problems.
Continue "Dating-Workshop".
After the introduction:
5 party of Dating.
Dating, how to attract the darling (Friday evening)
Communication during struggle (Saturday morning)
Communication with children (Saturday afternoon)
Difference between Friendship and Relationship:Husband and Wife are visiting a party (Sunday morning)
Helping other relationship:Neighbours do want divorce and how to stop this.(Sunday afternoon)

There are two ways of communication.Leading like a teacher and listening like a student or pupil. Mistake, which all unhappy relationships do:
One angry teacher and one lazy student. One is leading and directing and the other member of the relationship is following in a bad mood.
Maybe people who live in a relationship like this, they did not have brothers and sisters during childhood, and then they speak like a mother is speaking with her son.
Right way of communication is like partners, not like boss and employer.
This is the most easy way for stay 50 years and more together in a relax and successful and healthy relationship.
Darling is late.What to do now?To be angry does only destroy the stomach.
Also if You like to be angry,then You can see,there is no result,next day Your darling is late
because of being afraif of the angry darling.
Sit down.
Your darling will say:"I am sorry." (with words or with the silent body)
Then the person, being in the cinema at the right time has to say:"You do not need to feel guilty."
This is the solution,because the other person always is coming in time,because he cannot start his guiltygame.
How to communicate with a child,example, the child should clean his room.
Sit down on the floor.The child will say:"Should I clean the room?"
Answer:"Should I help You."Then both are making a contract.
Husband and wife are visiting a party and talk with friends.The difference,so watchers can see who is married and who are brotherssister or friends is:
Relationships are acting for each other,friendship is listening to all words.
"My darling does want to leave me" Your neighbour or friend or sister is saying:"My darling does want to leave me".
How to help?
Invite husband and wife and ask them first separately only him and then separately only her and then both togehter in one room:
How does Your darling make You angry?
And when You control the list,then You can see,they have only the same problem with their darling.
If darling1 would have problema and darling2 would have problemb,then they could help each other.
If darling1 would have problema and darling2 would have also problema,then they cannot help each other.
So now the third person,friend of neighbour does now say the relationship the solution of problema.
The biggest reason I decided to check out your website was to see what all those posts were about.. Only to discover it's the same content as on your webpage which was unnecessary. I think you express the will to create and write but need some more learning to enhance your skills. Overall I'd say 2/10 and the reason is because your website doesn't lack content, only readability and appeal. Good job though if this is your first website. Very Happy

Thank You for Your help.

We try to improve it every day.

During the next days
we are adding some pictures


What is the opposite of love?

Here there is a funny video about husband wife fighting.
nice try. As you go on you will improved your skills.

For me, as as long as your site show to world wide web then you have a lot of potential to improve whatever your goals is.

For me, as it published and never been offline then it works good.

Who will win Word Championship Brasil 2014?


The aim: To show love is better than money. 99% of adultsp prefer money.

Money in them meaning of emotional money.

Thank You for Your post.

The aim of the Homepage is
to provoke
to awake
to make pr.

physical beauty is secondary

Only if You live without humans.


What is sex.

Imagine there is a woman hot You like.
Imagine there is a man, hot You like.

So Darling

in Jeans
or silk bath cloth

You see the same sexy body.
So cloths and cloth cannot change the sexy or age.

But without beauty Im sorry without physical beauty there is no sex.
Phoney or rich?
How to be healthy?

Open with the mouth and stop breathing with the nose.
Then You save Your heart.
Stop pressing knees together and stop pressing arms against the body.
Then Your stomach will be happy.

And if You stop to want to be a phoney: then You are rich
with Your darling by heart
with Your family by pleasure.
this reading has been an eye-opening experience, thank you very much!
Love is eyeopening.
We study since 1,919 why people prefer to kiss money instead of an human.

Its funny.
They think
alone U are bigger and greater.
During August 2,015 we started an OnlineYogaWorkshop.
Do Yoga in the morning
3 minutes only
6 exercises doing 30 seconds
record it on wmv
and compare it daily
the improve.
80% are women and they have fun and y continue and they ll continue.
Its like teeth cleaning.
Skin became better
and most lost head ache
cause of better feet.
Make other people happy
Where are we.
Since 1962, here in the office at least one knows the tradition, a Nikolauskostuem
to organize and inspire colleagues or family or neighbors or friends.
All you need is oranges and nuts or previously collected gifts and a sin stop and the bag full of jokes.
Hoho and already the doors open
Unfortunately, the reaction is not great the first time
because yes, people say I'm too lazy to make other people happy. After our Antifaulkurs and the no-sugar week in the fall of 2017, we now do the Nicholas. The participants learn to cook and to bake and to serve money and to work and to deal with children and sometimes to have fun. For a week, young people are trained without work and without a school leaving certificate. And it is not a problem within an hour to explain strangers Nicholas and the social function for more than 1500 years and in addition to the legends that are entwined. And so it goes without reindeer sled but with car and oranges first on tour. 20 young people without main conclusion and under 25 years old and over 18 years old and without a job. And even if they do not learn anything through which jobs make Nicholas, they have earned a few euros and nothing makes Christmas happier, the unemployed as money.
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