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Vitamins Can Help Cure Acne

Nobody likes the sting that comes with most topical acne remedies. Vitamin supplementation is a natural way to deal with the effects of acne without the painful reminder.

Vitamins A and E

Vitamin A contains carotenoids, which help make the protective tissue of the skin stronger and prevent acne formation in the first place by helping reduce the production of sebum, an oily secretion that can clog your pores. It has been speculated that acne is exacerbated by the presence of free radicals, which vitamin A combats with strong antioxidant qualities. The vitamin is also quite important for the repair and maintenance of the tissue that mucous membranes and skin are made of. Vitamin E is likewise a free radical fighter, enhancing healing and tissue repair, which can help in the healing of acne. According to studies, severe acne is often accompanied with a shortage of these two important antioxidants.

B Vitamins

The B vitamins all have properties that can lead to decreasing the amount and severity of acne symptoms. Thiamine (B1) works like an antioxidant, while Riboflavin (B2) works in tandem with vitamin A to repair mucous membranes; it helps skin as well. Niacin (B3) improves circulation, which can help to metabolize toxins away from the offending acne. Pantothetnic acid (B5) reduces stress, a potential cause of acne, and pyridoxine (B6) helps with the immune system and antibody production. A deficiency in any of these vitamins may cause acne as well.

Other Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamin C and bioflavonoids work well as an antioxidant combination and also help grow tissue and repair the body. Bioflavonoids have the added bonus of an antibacterial effect. The mineral chromium has properties that reduce the rate of skin infections. Zinc has the dual effect of healing tissues and preventing scars from occurring; it can regulate the activity of the oil glands and exhibit antioxidant properties as well. Zinc also helps in the absorption of vitamin A.
The best way to ensure that you are getting the vitamins you need to your skin is to follow a diet that includes foods rich in these vitamins, to supplement vitamins for any areas that you are lacking and to use topical applications of these vitamins and minerals once every four days.
what really can help is a skin specialised doctor
zaxacongrejo wrote:
what really can help is a skin specialised doctor
Didn't help me. First of all he could not diagnose a strange skin condition I had - I went to three dermatologists and the last one that tried a diagnosis after a biopsy grabbed something out of a hat. Inconclusive. Then on top of it prescribed loads of anti-biotics to me. When I did research on those found that those anti-biotics may help the first time round, and then one will have to repeat the anti-biotics at a later time. He wanted me to take it for six months. For a condition that he could not diagnose!

Any way, I do agree with you that there must be some really good dermatologists there, but most of the ones I've seen so far seem to be too eager to prescribe anti-biotics, or a combination of anti-biotics.
There only 2 ways to face that problem
What you have it’s probably an hormone problem that’s can only be fixed in 2 ways
By equilibrate the hormones and that takes time and you will have to drink a lot of pills
But this is the best way to your future and to your skin
And you have the second way that is to blow you face skin cells this will not fix your hormones problems but your face acne problem.
Most dermatologists will avoid this because is a short cut not a cure but it can be done by pills
Next time you go there ask them about a medicine called “Roacutan” from Roche labs this will solve your problem. But you must be advised by a doctor
Because this is a very strong medicine with lots of sever contraindications
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