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Where is the best place to go now?

Now is winter, the climate is colder and colder, i am not like this season, and if i have time and money, i will go somewhere is warm now.
Then, where is the beat place to go now? not just warm, but funny and charming are needed.
I'm in your ideal place right now cooky24. Muscat, Oman. Not too hot temperature wise, but warm, late twenties at lunch time. Great people, wonderful mountains and landscapes. If you like the ocean, Gulf of Oman is a fantastic blue colour contrasting a chalk white colour of rock formations. Plenty of dolphines. Interesting history and culture. You won't be disappointed. Great place for an affordable holiday.
India will be good.India is a large and huge country where there are hype of things to enjoy and have a good time.You can also enjoy the warm places while right now you are not in comfort in your place.So enjoy India ,visist forts and different shopping bazars who have a long previous history and have a good time there.
the best place to be is the moon
The Southern hemisphere? Essentially anywhere - it's summer here now Wink
cooky24 wrote:
Now is winter, the climate is colder and colder, i am not like this season, and if i have time and money, i will go somewhere is warm now.
Then, where is the beat place to go now? not just warm, but funny and charming are needed.

If you want some place warm, charming and very enjoyable, go to Lao. There is the dry season now, there is a small tourism industry but the amount of tourists flocking in is still bearable. There are plenty of things to see, it's cheap, safe, people are very friendly and the food is delicious. Not sure what you mean by fun though. Just to be sure: Last week I heard that they cut down on excessive party tourism in Vang Vieng. And in fact here is an article about it:
Good idea, I hated Vang Vieng when I visited it 2 years ago. It had nothing to do with Lao style of living anyway. People just got drunk, jumped off ropes into the river or went on tubes before going to the local bar in the evening to dance or drink even more.
In any case, good luck. And let us know where you went.
Go beside of a fireplace.
1. Thailand
2. Malaysia
3. Singapore

All in one go!
Travelling is most important in every person's life. It is always good to travel for fun and be able to see things that you have never seen before. New york is such famous and beautiful travel destination for every one.
I love to travel with my wife, if we can we go on summer in a bit cold place and on winter in a warmer place Very Happy we were in Valencia 3 weeks ago.. sunny days with about 16-18 degrees, while in mid Italy where we live there were 3-5 degrees with rain Very Happy
Spain by far is an amazing awesome country to visit. More expensive there since they went to the euro though.

LuizzeOliveira wrote:
There are many travel places around the world where we can get entertainment and enjoyment after visiting those places.According to me Switzerland is such famous place which is known as a heaven of the world. The weather of this place is so romantic, cool and enjoyable with attractive sight seeing places.

as for the weather in switzerland i can report that 'cool' is the word, f*****g cold in winter, yes! and also wet, it rains a lot, except for the southern part (Tessin), which has sort of an italian climate...
So if you go to Switzerland in Winter, you go there for skiing, maybe... it has a great Mountainside with usually lots of snow in Winter. Anyway, don't expect warm climate in winter, not even in Tessin.

By the way, it's quite expensive there, rather go for an exclusive Jet-Set holiday (providing that your wallet is fat enough) than a back-packers adventure!
Kish island in the Persian Gulf
I'd recommend Malaysia. For being in Southeast Asia it's a fairly developed country with still a good part of it's rural living and traditional culture intact.... and almost everybody speaks English (in the KL and the big towns at least).Travelling around is cheap and the food is great 24/7 Laughing
If you have the money you can join the Chinese student to do a luxury trip around the world to visit all 962 UNESCO world heritage sites.

Or you just pick the supposedly best 20 of those.

But if you ask me, if you want to do something really off the beaten track try this:

And of course while being there try the nearby cities such as Ohrid, Skopje, Tirana, Prizren or take a ferry ride on Lake Koman in Northern Albana - one of the most fascinating ferry trips I have ever been on. The ferry travels from Fierza to Koman and takes 3 hours. Highly recommended.
I think the best place to travel now and is Mediterranean, especially european countrys.
The best places to travel are thailand in winter and in summers go to europe. Wonderful weather and you cannot be wrong. I went to thailand once in summers and I was humidified on road. But then I was living in Dubai and after Dubai summers it was still a breeze. SO one has to be carefull to chose the weather. And unfortunately winter in Norway was a freeze. One cannot breathe as the air becomes frozen
haha nice convo.
Anyplace that's not where you live would be great. Traveling shouldn't be limited to certain places, just go wherever you want to.
I think the best place to go is australia.
I think Albania is the best place for traveling now.
I think best place to visit now is Kerala .
Confused Confused
I think best place to visit now is Kerala .
Confused Confused
I think Nepal will be best for you this time Smile
I think South Africa is the best. There are many place to see and do. Cape Town, Garden route, Darban, etc... Their history is also interesting.
Well you can visit Orange Beach in Alabama.The climate is moderate and there are lot of fun and adventures to do in Orange Beach.Also you can avail wonderful accommodation facilities here.
In world there are so many best places to visit.But it all depends upon travel budget .If looking for the good accommodation and adventure tour vacations then definitely visit popular white sands beaches of panama , FL.
USA is the best country to spend your vacations and Montgomery Alabama finest place to visit in USA
In winter season ,US is best places to visit .because here awesome weather in winter season.Many tourist visitors like to spend their holidays in winter season in USA.
The most important and major event of christen community (Christmas day) is coming at the end of this month. New York is the one of the most famous Christmas destinations in USA. I am going there next week for Christmas celebration and I think it is the best place to go now. It is very attractive to visit in winter.
Europe is good and best place for spend the Europe england ,German ,Italy are best places to visit in any season..there are many beautiful and awesome views which are attracted point to the tourist.
Georgia is best place to visit...Albany is really ultimate place for travel there are lot of attractions places..tourist spend their weekend there...There are lot of restaurants and hotels...
Indian is a huge and huge nation where there are buzz of things have fun with and have a fun time.You can also appreciate the heated locations while right now you are not in convenience in your place.So appreciate Indian ,visist mansions and different purchasing bazars who have a long past record and have a fun time there.
London is the best place to visit. We can discover its beauty and the living standard
Perfect beachfront vacations start here! Aqua Resort offers the ultimate Panama City Beach condos and vacation rentals, with the most luxurious condos on Florida beaches.
Aqua Resort offers the ultimate Panama City Beach condos and vacation rentals, with the most luxurious condos on Florida beaches.
Nyasro wrote:
I think Nepal will be best for you this time Smile

Yes, if you're looking for an affordable holiday, and are fond of pristine natural beauty, you won't find a better place than Nepal. With the beautiful Himalayas, unique culture and hospitable people, Nepal has quite a reputation as a superb holiday destination. The capital city a bit polluted but has some really great pagoda style temples and Hindu shrines. Plus, September is festival season here in Nepal, which means you'll get to experience our culture first hand. Then, you can head over to Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini (the birth place of Buddha) or some remote village in the Himalayas. It's your choice, really; Nepal has a LOT to offer. Very Happy
I think you can go to the some cold place, like Thailand. Where you get the best enjoyment. This place is best in summer season. This time nature will be also very romantic and attractive. There you can do many enjoyments with your friends and family.
visit Nepal Smile
United State is best place to go.You can see there are many beautiful cities and adventures places.New York is most popular city in the USA.Alabama is beautiful state in the US.Montgomery is best perfect place for vacation.
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