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Putuo Mountain in China

Putuoshan (Putuo Mountain) is located on one of the Zhoushan Islands in eastern Zhejiang Province, and has an area of 12.5 square kilometers, with mountain ranges in the northwest, and beaches in the southeast.
Putuoshan is noted for its rough terrain and exquisite landscape. Its main peak, the Peak of Buddhist Top, 297 meters above sea level. And endowed with the merits of both a mountain and a sea, commands a bird's eye view of all the Zhoushan Islands in the distance. The clouds like sails, scattered about, and the sea and the sky bore but a same blurred color. The island cape is encircled by numerous protruding reps and deep hidden grottoes. The sea beaches are a nice place for strolling and listening to the sound of tides that ebb and flow. Putuoshan is not only a sacred place of Buddhism-"Buddhist Land of South Sea," but also an ideal summer resort. It has a mild climate, intriguing surroundings and unique scenery. It's been likened to be a brilliant and beautiful pearl.

The Temple of Puji
The existing Grand Hall was rebuilt in the 9th year of Yongzheng Reign (AD 1731) in the Qing Dynasty. It consists of over 200 structures of various types, and is the chief temple where Guanyin (a Bodhisattra) is enshrined. The construction with 9 halls, 12 pavilions and 16 houses, is magnificent and large in scale, and covers an area of 14,000 square meters. In front of the Temple lies a Haiyin (Lotus Flowers Pool). Directly facing the entrance leading to the Temple, are an 8-angled pavilion and an imperial tablet pavilion built above the center of the pool. To the southeast of the Temple, stand several pagodas, and to the southwest, stone tablets.

The Beaches
The island is surrounded by quite a few beaches. Baibusha Beach, along the East Coast and 1.5 km. in length, is the best bathing beach. It is flat and covered with soft golden sand.

Fanyin Cave (Cave of Buddhist Sound)
It is sandwiched in between two steep cliffs of some 100-m. in height. The cave, as deep as 100 meters, winds it's way towards the sea. When the sea swells, the waters pour into the cave with thunderous roars. A stone stair leads from the mountain top to a rock platform built into the cave wall, half way above the bottom with a marvelous view of the sea.

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