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Is Tendulkar the only one to blame for India's recent loss?

Is Tendulkar the only one to blame for India's recent loss?
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Sachin Tendulkar, an icon, an enigma - the phenomenon for a cricket crazy nation, is suddenly under fire the country which once thought that their cricket team does not exist if this man is not a part of it has recently started to think totaly contrary to what it used to some ten years back, agreed that thingd have changed their is more to look forward to now the benchstrength the juniors and all the retirements but is this how you treat a player who has brought so much credits to ur country. Is this how you treat Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar?

Agreed that the recent test matches have not gone well for the maestro agreed but the question is who has scored for the team apart from a rookie Pujara. If sachin is a culprit so is MSD and Kohli, Viru and Gauti and also Yuvi. Why is only Sachin being pointed at? Just because he is 40? How does Viru field in the slips - just like a sleping donkey yawning and moaning half of teh time. Yuvi is not the old Yuvi anymore he gives up chases easily and does not commit as much. The only people that seem atheletic in the field are kohli and Pujara while the latter has had some form recently, the former keeps hitting balls to the fielders for catching practice.

MSD the captain cool , just seems to be too cool about everything these days even his batting, he has been as much out of form as Sachin and believe me he is no where close to the maestro's age but looks more ageing that the enigma himself.

With bad decisions, foolish bowling changes and thrown away wickets - the entire team India is as much repponsible for the loss and not only Sachin for that matter. It was a shameful compalcent performace from the batting unit and the bowling was even worse. So guys please dont blame teh maestro for teh loss take a look at the entire team's performance for once and then comment. Mad
He will get back to form as like before . Cool
HE difinitely will ... And once he does he will take care of all critics once and for all ... We are so lucky to have the master
Yes, Tendulkar will get back strongly. He has been doing well since such a long time, and small lapses in form don't account for much. He has experience of getting over bad form and doing well in hard times. I agree with Andro, the fault is more of Dhoni. But for him too, I might say that it's just a matter of time before he comes back.

And when he does, do watch out how he does.

When Tendulkar does, he will shake the world again, like he does everything. He will retire with a roar, not with silence. The way Shane Warne did.

Very Happy
Should you blame Tendulkar, or commend the way England have fought back?
We're a tough side to beat these days, and if we can win the series in India, that will be a real achievement.
Haah agrred but you too will have to agree that we made life miserable for you all in the first test Smile
We gave you a headstart, that's all Very Happy

It was a great series - sad to see the apparent end of Tendulkar in such a way - after such an illustrious career he deserves better.
No, he is just a part of the team. So how can you blame an individual for the loss of team?
He has nothing to do with the loss - just the batting line was not good as expected.... but well played..
cricket is a 11 man game. He shouldn't be blames unless he is the only one who played. What about rest of the 10 men ?
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