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What's 2012 been like for you so far?

One month left and can't believe how fast this year has passed. Another year come and almost gone. They seem to be blurring into one another now.

Any way, think in overall it's been a good year so far. For any challenge, something great came out of it, so I've been blessed a few times over. I also had a fantastic overseas holiday. Got a brand new laptop and camera that provided plenty of fun and entertainment. Although there is a threat of unemployment hanging over all of our heads at my work place, I've survived so far.

Some seem to think the world will go up in a big bang on 20 or 21 December 2012. Although NASA thankfully disagrees .... it's going to be a normal winter solstice day.
Thank you for bringing up this discussion. 2012 for me is just an average year for me. However, one very special thing about the year is that 21 December 11:11 AM GMT marks the start of a new Mayan calendar. We should celebrate it like a New Millenium. This only happens once every thousands of years. What do you think about my idea of 2012?
Yes, I agreed this year 2012 really passed very fast.
2012 can't get finished soon enough for me. Have had a rough go of things this year with few good spots. Hoping '13 will be better providing the US does not fall off the cliff.
It's been a good year, but aren't they all really, I mean maybe it's just my disgusting optimism shining through but there are always things that make years good and bad. The more we focus on the good then it just makes the year better!

For example this year sucked because my truck caught fire and I got hit by a car while riding my bike, but on the bright side I bought a motorcycle for $450 that has been my main transportation until I finish rebuilding my truck, and I bought a new bicycle with my insurance money!

Even while I am working hard at grad. school I have still had time to enjoy myself
Got to do some hiking and camping on Catalina Island

And caught some nice fish
That fish looks to die for Coolclay. Was that caught at Catalina Island? Interesting "beach". Never been on one with rocks only. Used to white or golden sand beaches.
Looks like Cool had a nice year. Awesome photos Wink
Agreed, time seems to passing so fast nowadays I'm having a hard time catching up! Smile

2012 had been good enough for me. I had been away at college for most of the year, and that's given me so many awesome experiences I'm thankful for.
Great picture, Beautiful nature Laughing
The year has been a topsy turvy ride for me, but I've really enjoyed it to the fullest. Being Class 11th, it has brought more pressure and burdens than relief, but I think I've finally learnt how to cope with it. Smile I hope the remaining month also goes fine and the best things continue to happen.

What about you all? How has it been like?
Coolclay - one of the most awesome documentation of "great time" I've seen here for a while Smile

This year was good. Many accomplishments. Did over a thousand kilometers in hiking, that's about 40 day-hikes, even though I went out more.
Passed some difficult exams and got accepted into the best academic programs my country has to offer, which I'll begin experiencing next year.
My career is progressing too. I'm learning a lot and the job provides me with good experience (engineering).
Apart from several health issues which I honestly don't want to get too upset about, this year has been great! Very Happy
this is last month of the year i could not believe.time is passing very fast.i did not get my goal as i tried a lot to achieve my target but i can not because some times things are not in your hand like very important is time but any how thanks god this year was not very bad for me
Year 2012 has been great, I've been healthy, and I have learned a lot of new and interesting things.
2012 has been the greatest year of my life! I'd be grateful to have another year just 1/10th as good as this year was!

I graduated from the University with a degree in mathematics. I quit the job that I had been doing for five years and hated after graduating to move on to something better. I am not making a ton of money but I am making more money, building my resume, and doing something that I enjoy much more! I hope to move on up to something even better in 2013.

I visited eleven countries and three continents: Africa (Morocco), Europe (various countries), Asia (Japan). How lucky can one person get? I worked very hard to save up for five years to make it to Europe and the other ones just came up in an opportunity. I totaled about nine weeks of travel. I hope to travel much more but even if I died today, I'd still have been fortunate enough to do quite a bit of traveling. I also plan to, in 2013, see a little more of my country (The U.S.).

I drank a ton of beer, got drunk a lot, and did some other "adult activities" with people that I'll never see again. That was quite fun. I even managed to brew my own beer and it turns out that I make a wicked-good India Pale Ale! Right now I call it Dan's IPA since I haven't thought of anything clever yet.

I got to party in the tour bus with quite a few bands that I listen to and like. I also, finally, met Tuomas Holopainen, from my all time favorite band: Nightwish! I also met some of the other members but I mostly cared about meeting Tuomas!

To end the year, on New Years' Eve, I made it onto the 6PM news (nothing bad)! I then went over to a friend's place and we drank several Stone Lucky Bastards (that's how I felt after this year), a delicious coffee porter from Harpoon brewery that you can only get on the East Coast of the U.S. (where she had just came from), a Widmer Brothers' Nelson Imperial IPA, and a Hoffbrau Original Lager (import from Munich, Germany), and then rum shots until I peacefully passed out on the couch in a ceremonious farewell to 2012.

So... Overall... I partied hard, banged my head a lot, got to travel, graduated from the university, and went on to get a decent job.
It was a pretty good year for me. I did good in school, held a job for the whole year, and bought myself a new car. Plus I got to see the 12/21/12 hysteria which was pretty entertaining. Razz
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