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Will Arsenal Get A Captain Jack?

There have been many young talents emerging from the English Premier League lately. Jack Wilshere from Arsenal, I believe, is one of them.

News of a contract extension for Wilshere have been making the rounds lately, as manager Arsene Wenger has apparent plans to make him the club’s captain in the next two years. The young lad has gained praise for his passing talent and ability to engage in link-up plays.

Could he become the Gunners’ captain as the side aims to win w1th ease for titles in the coming years? I am sure he can take on the role the same way Cesc Fabregas did when he became skipper at the age of 21.
Let's see what happens, ordinarily you would think a more senior player should be the captain but if Wilshere shows he has the potential to lead at a young age, why not give it a try? Who knows maybe the England national team could also benefit ...

But Wenger definitely needs to do something if he wants Arsenal to challenge for the title ... they're not even in the top 4 at the moment. And as of this point, I'd pit them out of the title race (realistically). In fact, unless they have a rapid turn-around from awful playing against teams like Swansea, Wenger could lose his job (?)
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