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Web DNS add CNAME record (TUTORIAL).

First of all, i want to say im sorry, i know i said i was going to do this like 2-3 weeks ago.
But been sick and lack of motivation is the cause behind the lateness.

Well anyways, since Rosencruz (pardon the spelling) asked for this, i thought i would start out simple.
And lets start with CNAME records.

And what is a CNAME (except that its a abbreviation for Canonical Name record).
Found this great wikipedia article that explains CNAME, it will explain it more then i want to spend time writing about it.

To make it simple i looooove using CNAME when i want to point something.
Here is an example, since my current ISP (Internet Service Provider) is using DHCP (BUUUUU!, i like static IPs) i donīt want to login to my DNS provider and update my CNAME records every time my ISP gives me a new IP.

Then i got my self a account (since my router supports this function) and gave my self a subdomain of one of the domains they offer (this you can see in the images below).
So my dyndns host is but i donīt like that host, and i wanted my own subdomain/domain pointed to me.
So what i did was to create a CNAME record and point the subdomain i wanted to

This makes it so that my subdomain points to
So all traffic that goes to gets redirected to and since my router updates my current IP to dyndns, the traffic finally hits my current IP.

Its a long way around, but it works.
And i can live with it.


But how to add this CNAME record you ask?
Well what i found is that all DNS providers have their own interface, but the functions is the same.
Just looks different but is the same none the less.

So here is the first of 4 (four) images i will show in this TUT.

1. Here is my current setup, its not much but it handels my mail that i have at Google Apps. And under CNAME you can see the record for and where it points.

2. Above i have a dropbox to show the options i have in adding a record. In here i pick the all mighty CNAME-record.

3. Now im going to point to (just for fun). I fill in the (Sub-)Domain as google and then the Alias where i want to point it to, in this case Sure you can play with the TTL if you want, but i see no point at this time. And also gives me the options to fill in how long this point should be valid, but i will ignore that, since i want this to be for ever and ever and ever!.

4. After i pressed save, you can now see that the changes are in place (might take up to one (1) hour before it hits and the ROOT-servers are updated with this new information as well (worst case senario 24h).

Well this is a very simple way of adding a CNAME, but as i said before, it looks different between all the DNS providers out their.
But you should later see how it looks to setup a domain-zone in BIND, thats fun, when it donīt work and you need to read the logs to troubleshoot and fix it.
And also setting up a MASTER and SLAVE for your domain, DNSSEC etc, PUHA! itīs a lot of things to think of and do correct Smile

Well i hope this will help you on your way to either understand,edit,host or just be a DNS GURU (I'm not), i think its good to follow the test your way forward, and get some errors and learn by mistakes along the way.

PS: Images links to my account, since i dont want them to die out and this mini-tutorial becomes useless after a while.

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