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online video converter

I want to convert large youtube video file online.
plz help
On the web you will find a variety of sources for music, but most of which are available only on video platforms. Some portals, as well as free software offer the ability to download videos from sites like YouTube and the video then convert to MP3 format. TechFacts has put together a list of online converters and free programs that you can download and convert your videos from YouTube and Co..

Who wants to expand its own portfolio music does not necessarily have to spend thousands for. Countless tracks to be held by video-sharing sites like YouTube or MyVideo. There, the songs can be streamed free and over again. But therein lies the problem: The tracks are streamed only, are not really exist as a local file.

olving this problem create various online and freeware converter. These make it possible to download the song streamed on the local hard drive. In addition, these tools usually have a feature that allows converting to a different file format is easily possible. Thus, out of a music video on YouTube within moments an MP3 file to your music collection.

Problematic since it is already among the wide variety of solutions to filter out the really good options. TechFacts made ​​for you to find and create a list of YouTube converters that you can use for free. Some of which we present in detail.

In particular, the number of online converter and downloader for video clips from YouTube and MyVideo has become virtually unmanageable. Below is a list of possible online converter, you can rely on. These free provider, we can recommend the following: is one of the simplest deals when it comes to converting and downloading videos is hosted at the relevant video portals. When you visit the page is immediately clear run as the conversion and download process.

First, select the video you want to download and convert. To do this on YouTube or MyVideo and open the desired clip. Once the page is open, copy the URL of your video to the clipboard (Ctrl + C).

Now open a new tab and go there on On the site you will see a large field, in which you need to insert the URL stored in the clipboard. Just click in the text box and press Ctrl + V.

Now click on the "Submit" button. It takes a while to load the page again. You will receive a direct download link to the MP3 of your desired video clips. Alternatively you can select before clicking on the "Submit" button once the file format. Just click on "More Sizes" in the input field and select your desired format.

Online Converter is a good solution when you need to quickly get a video clip to a different format, but no software is available on the PC. The only limitations that you have to accept these tools are any delays in the conversion as well as the restriction on the popular video portals like YouTube or MyVideo.

A possible drawback is the lack of batch processing. You can not - as in various programs - throw more videos to the download loop and then helps finish consecutively. Instead, you must add each clip individually and can convert. This can be annoying. For the spontaneous and sporadic use of these tools, however, are quite sufficient.

In addition, the online converter are also to download clips from YouTube or MyVideo as a video file. Here some online converter can output the video in different, typical video file formats. AVI, WMV, and MOV are almost always on basic choices. But other options are - depending on the occupied tool - possible.

In addition to online converters also exist several software solutions, which essentially provide the same core functionality. With these you can download and convert video clips. Moreover, these tools offer, but many other features that help you quickly download and convert YouTube and MyVideo clips easier.

The best known and most free software solution called "Free YouTube to MP3 Converter" and provides a comprehensive set of features. Once you have downloaded the software and installed, launch the application on its icon.

The program's interface is plain. The procedure is similar to the. Among online converters Go to YouTube or MyVideo clip of your choice and copy the URL to the clipboard. Then go to the Free YouTube to MP3 Converter. Click the "Insert" button now to add the URL in the download loop.

Unlike the online converters for YouTube and MyVideo, you can insert a variety of links, tags available and much more. In the lower area, you can not conclusively determine the quality of the downloaded material. Remember, not the Final can be better than the source material. A music video with 240p but can be converted as 192 kbit / s MP3, qualitatively it remains at the level of 240p video clips.

Once you have made your selection, you can also specify the output folder. After clicking "Download" then starts the download process. Depending on the quantity and quality of the output source does the download and conversion process for some time.

Once the process is complete, you will find the MP3 file in the predefined output folder. From there you can easily slide them on your MP3 player or your PC's media library to add. The whole thing is the way legal, because it is a legal source is from which you merely create a private copy.

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