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Do you draw?

Do you draw?

How often do you draw?

Why do you draw?
I used to doodle on blank pieces of lined paper when I was in HS. Came up with some pretty creative stuff. I think my stick men took the honors though. The theme was "Different ways of dying," so there were stick men being boiled by cannibalistic tribes, guillotine, grenades, falling from cliffs, eaten by large carnivorous plants, etc.

I think I still have those doodles in a page protector somewhere.

But these days, I haven't been drawing that much. Maybe I'm less creative as I get older, or maybe I just have other things to preoccupy myself with like my iPhone.
I doodle a lot in the margins of my notebooks. I think I'm okay at drawing and would like to improve. I read one of Andrew Loomis's books a while ago and have been meaning to read the others (If you are interested in drawing, I would recommend them).
i draw when i have to but i am terrible loll really dont recomend myself to no one expetion to enemies
Sometimes, but I am not confident. I have been told I draw well, but it rarely comes out on paper how it looks in my head so I give up. I haven't drawn for some time, but will have to get back into it.
Wish I did. Or at least, I wish I found the time to try again. I'm not great at it, but I think it's more about the fun than anything.
Does making a straight line, fishes, spatial figures, birds, and etc. count towards drawing? If so, then proudly "YES"! XD
lovescience wrote:
Do you draw?

How often do you draw?

Why do you draw?

Yes - i do draw

Not frequently

I draw when i am bored !
I am engineer so I draw all the draw all the time.
I draw every day some pictures. For example when I talk to someone on the phone at the same time I draw something to a piece of paper.
i draw more often since my children ask me to do so. they use to draw a lot of things, and they like company, so they always would want someone to draw something with them, something for them and to watch theselves drawing, and talk over the drawed things. this is indeed a very nice occupation.
I rarely draw nowadays but when I was a kid I drew a lot. It was not the kind of drawing you would call art. I drew comics, short books and quite often I drew a lot of small stick figures doing different stuff. We "played on paper" like you play with toys. So to make different things happen, e.g. make a man walk the man is erased with a rubber and drawn in a new location.
I used to draw a lot when I was younger and I didn't lost the habit, though I draw less these days. Sometimes I got really inspired and I doodle something. If I like my doodle, I finish the drawing with Photoshop. Very Happy
I was a big fan of painting and stuff - but then I started quitting due to studies - but now I'm a Graphic Designer Very Happy
I used to draw when I was younger. I have about a dozen (medium to ridiculously bad) paintings to my name. I used to first draw some scenery, animal, building etc. and then paint it in. I generally used water colors, but sometimes crayons as well. What do you guys use?
I used to draw comic stuff , Manga style but that way long long time ago. I still do have a pen tablet but haven't touched it for more than year. Not very good at using it anyway. Now I just run a forum for Manga artists and writers plus those who find it fun to do comics/Manga.
I usually just like to draw anything that pops into my head. Today I drew a giant paintbrush painting color onto the earth.
I hate drawing, i almost never draw and i suck at drawing.
Hi everyone! I draw, when I have a chance. Unfortunately I am so busy so there are not many chances... but last year, i forced myself to draw one picture a day for a while - even just a silly scribble, and it really helped me! Being a bit of a perfectionist, I would get a bit overwhelmed by the pressure of drawing even before starting something and that usually stopped me from drawing altogether... but doing that scribble each day helped me break out of that a bit, and i accepted that not everything i draw has to be perfect.
I used to draw a lot as a kid. I have drawn sceneries, animals, space ships, abstract stuff etc. I also paint a little bit. Pencil sketching has always been a hobby of mine.
only matte painting Rolling Eyes
i draw using CorelDraw Very Happy I own a tshirt design studio and we use CorelDraw (ok illustrator guys, corel is inferior but also cheaper and gets the job done (half the price here in my country) also comes with a (s**tty) raster editor so that i do not pay for photoshop too.) I draw about 5 artworks a day in summer and zero to one artwork in winter per day.
I love to draw in my notebooks and computer using paint. Drawing is also nice in Adobe Flash to make vector art and animations
Yes, I most certainly do draw... and sometimes I draw incredibly... It all just depends on how much money is in the ATM at the time...
Sadly I have no talent for drawing. My dad got that talent and unless it skips a generation or something I'm not sure when we'll see it again in the family. I had my moments in public school but I never put any time into it and thus I cannot draw. I wish I could, sometimes. I just don't know where to start and I have no inspiration so whenever I sit down and try I never have anything to draw.
I wish.

I find drawing to be relaxing, and I wish I was better at it. There is a skill involved that I really don't think I have however.
i thing i can draw nice picture.i have a lots of imagination in my mind, i try to draw on the page and it has great fun
I don't like drawing Razz
ofcourse i draw.
i was best in drawing and art when i was child but now
i am not so much good than before.

nowadays i rarely draw
I did drawing since for the last 22 years (and more). I do occasionally sketch things I see around. Not very frequently, but only occasionally, if I see something I like.
If you can count sculpting in mudbox drawing yes i do quite a bit of touching up composite. Me mate luke he's selling print in newyork. He never stops drawing, Sci fi, Demons.
postmodernist reflex spasms ,generated also in a flux of concept modulation,fragmentation,deconstruction,reconstruction,pattern ,pattern recognition,flow and on and on.

Drawing is the expression of a persons inner dialogue and identity and also a world consciousness and concept planning and destruction(again).A reflection of the birth of a concept in drawing,in particular automatic drawing like writing, is a flow of consciousness on to paper allowing a second dialogue to be born: From artist to the viewer and the inherent breakdown of meaning from artist to viewer being a component of artistic discussion on meaning within painting in the wider world of the art-space/gallery circuits.
in other words like thoughts each visual dialogue relates both to the author ,viewers and wider world concepts structure- as this flow of writing executed itself in the automatic writing couture of dada and surrealism contests to the virtue of creativity.....On drawing and Creativity....lahB
lovescience wrote:
Do you draw?

How often do you draw?

Why do you draw?

- of course

- Always when I can

- because I want

* I think everybody know to draw, if they do good or bad, is irrelevant
I have great capabilities of drawing.i love to draw human pictures and beautiful scenes of nature.
I draw everytime I am in classes Very Happy Too lazy to focus..
I never draw anything in computer.
i had never been in drawing, my drawing is too bad, but i like to draw what ever it comes in the end.lolz Very Happy
Yes, I do but I had stopped practising like a few years ago, so at the moment I do not draw anything else than some sketches in notebooks at university Smile
i was also very good in drawing when i was student.student. Until now i can draw very daughter she can draw very well.She has very good imagination.
My daughter loves to draw. She is good drawer.
I drew a lot as a kid. I was never very good at it, but I did enjoy it. Nowadays I never draw, but I do like to tinker with Photoshop, which is kind of like a new age drawing.
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