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Gmail alerts at you mobile phone by free unlimited sms

This tutorial will guide you through the process of setting up a sms reminder at you Gmail account for free we will use Google docs, Google calendar, and obviously Gmail
You will need a Google account
A script that I will supply you, but I haven’t been the script creator
Romain Vialard is the script and method mentor so credits are for him I will just guide you through the process
Ok let’s do it
First of all login to you Gmail calendar account you don’t need a new calendar use the default one
Ok now click Gears (options) at the top right corner, now at the top left menu
Click settings, now click Mobile setup
Ok now you must select your country
Insert you mobile phone number, click ok wait for the confirmation code
Insert the confirmation code click save
Ok now click the top right menu again at calendars
Select reminders notifications
You will see by default, remind me via
Select sms and then select 10 minuts
Now another reminder sms again 30 minuts
Ok now scroll down check all the sms boxes
Click saves and at the Google calendar it’s all done
Now logout the calendar and login at Gmail
At the top right click the Gears (settings) then
Click labels a then create label now name the label as sendsms and click create
Now click filters
At the bottom click create a filter there are many options select the one best feet your needs in my case I am using just the subject because all emails I want to be notified about use the same subject so is easy

Ok now click create filter with this search check the box apply label and select the label sendsms you previously created
be careful. you might get charged for sms received via google calender. and sometime charged as international sms rate.
hi you are right, but in my case they are free, im not sure, but i belive they remain free and unlimited for EU countrys, but again i am not sure of this i just wrote,if you know more about it please help us here,
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