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Rooting the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Guide

Disclosure: If you brick(make useless) your phone and makes it uses it is not my fault, do this at your own risk. By following this guide and doing this to your phone, you agree to this statement

This is a how to root the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim. I have used this for my phone and works without a flaw.

Step 1. On your Android Phone(while USB Adapter is unplugged) Goto: Settings/Applications/ check Use Unknown sources and click Development and select USB Debug to enable.

Step 2. Plug in your phone into the PC.

Step 3. If Windows says you need to install drivers for your phone, do so.

Step 4. Go to This Link and click "ODIN-Drivers-and Kernel" download link.

Step 5. Extract the downloaded package. (Don't use the kernel provided in that package) We are doing this only to get Odin mostly.

Step 6. Go to Link
For this step you must register to download the kernel. After you register on the site, login and go to the link again to download the "Test" kernel(This kernel worked the best for this phone, also doesn't eat the battery life as much as the one that comes with the package).

Step 7. After the drivers for your phone is done installing, power off your phone. After it is completely off, hold down the volume down key and keep holding it while holding the power button. You should now see something like "Caution using a custom kernel...." press the up key after the warning. Go into the extracted package folder and click the executable odin.exe.

Step 8. Click the PDA button near the bottom right and select the test kernel downloaded and then click start. Your phone should download the kernel. Don't worry about the warning that kernel verification failed(this is normal). After it is done it should reboot the phone.

Step 9. Your phone should be rooted, so download superuser from the Android Market and Busybox(not busybox installer) from the Market as well. (Of course install them)

Step 10. You will not have 3G currently, the fix is to go to the superuser that you have downloaded and select Temp Unroot and then call *22890 and it will reboot and you will have 3G again. After it restarts go back into superuser and unselect Temp Unroot.

Step 11. To fix the SD card issue(which is when you plug in your phone into your PC you will not be able to either mount the phone as a removable media or write to it.
a. Download ES File Explorer
b. Go under Settings and Select "Root Settings"
ba. Enable "Root explorer" and "Up to Root"
bb. Enable "Mount File System"
c. Now go back to the main screen of ES File Explorer and hit the Up button.
d. Go to /etc/
e. Find "void.fstab"
f. Edit "void.fstab" by clicking it and it will come up as "Open As" and select Text.
g. Select "ES Note Editor"
h. Scroll near to the bottom of the file and look for:

i. Change lun0 from the above code to lun1
j. Save the file
k. Install "Android terminal emulator"
l. Open "Android terminal emulator" and type su
m. It should ask for Superuser privileges and select yes.
n. Now after gaining superuser type :
 echo /dev/block/vold/179:9 > /sys/devices/platform/usb_mass_storage/lun1/file

o. Restart the phone and see if it works(it should)

I also would also uncheck the Root options in ES File explorer after saving the file for security and safe purposes

Credit goes to :
The people at Android Area 51 and its members that helped in the process to get it to work
Great Tutorial Darth. Thanks! Cool
Maybe somebody else that is using the Proclaim will find it useful. I am happy that mine is now rooted. Now it is more my phone then StraightTalk.
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