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Gaza crisis: 'More than 100' killed in Israeli strikes

BBC's Jeremy Bowen

At least 105 people have died in the Gaza Strip in six days of violence, Hamas officials say, as Israeli forces continue their bombardment.

Monday's fatalities include a commander of the Islamic Jihad militant group and a couple and their two small children.

More than 100 rockets were fired on Israel on Monday, but no casualties were reported. Last week, three Israelis died in one such attack.

The Israeli cabinet has been meeting to discuss an Egyptian ceasefire proposal.

The content of the Egyptian plan is not known, but both Israel and Hamas have presented conditions.

Israel's include no hostile fire of any kind from Gaza and international efforts to prevent Hamas from rearming, while Hamas is demanding an end to the blockade on Gaza and "Israel's assassinations".

Egypt has been leading efforts to broker a peace deal, with both senior Israeli and Hamas officials in Cairo for talks. An Egyptian official said he hoped to be able to make an announcement on Monday or Tuesday.
It is considered good form to comment on the news you post in order to spark a discussion.

What's your take on this situation?

I'll admit my ignorance on the matter of politics in that region of the world, it would be nice to hear some views from different angles.
Hi and you are right I just noticed your answer now sorry I don’t know why but at post list of my account the little envelop telling that someone in that post said something as vanished sorry
Ok so let’s face it there are several kinds of shields to start and we all know Israel is “leader” in electronics developments, I know they don’t relay lead the world of electronics but in security and surveillance they have come up with almost everything that really works, and they are in the lead and they are also the most trustable products on the area
So they are using this
But sooner they will come up with something like this at a much bigger scale

But this is just a small example of what they can do, but they always choose the easer way
Which is brutality there’s no need to invade Gaza or even bomb them, Israel as the money the resources the technicians to do it in a much in smarter way ,because they know everything what’s going on in Gaza they listen to all communications etc. You see is like stole candy from a child .
Why they just don’t do it that way? Like they use to do with selective killings?
You see the problems in this last time are 2 one of them is to test Iran, Israel is already testing Iran since Syria
The other problem is how the hell did they let so many rockets pass? From where do they come up with so many and so big/powerful? We all know Iran supports them but Israel also control sea, air, land and communications so what a hell happen? So many rockets no one spot them? And even the traders that sell from Israel to Gaza by tunnel are controlled
This is a huge fail to moss ad and the other services and they want revenge and the population demands an answer they will squeeze their politics till the last bread
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