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not able to login to forum


I have been unable to login to the forums for quite a while, though the webhosting login worked.

Today, even that is not functional.

Can someone help me to get into the forum and the web panel.
My id is chiragpa
There is no user with the name chiragpa but there is one named chiragpatnaik. Is that you?
As Peterssidan mentioned, it is most likely chiragpatnaik. However that user does not have a web hosting account and hasn't logged in/posted since 2010.

If it is your account, you can try to use the password reset feature of this forum if you still have access to the email address you used for it.
I tried that. It reset the password. When I try to login, it says not possible. Maybe you could do a admin reset and send it to my registered id (I have access to it).

I also had a hosting account. For years and years. My wife's and my website ran on it.

Do let me know if I can retrieve it.

chiragpa was the login I used to get into the control panel. In fact the control panel (not the forum) was accessible till only a few weeks ago. Now mysteriuosly. even the IP will not resolve.


Domains hosted included.
strangely. I could login this time.

I think you guys removed my account on the 7th

That was a tragedy. Oh well. Can I have the database back? Had soent quite a bit of time on my wife's website.
Ghost Rider103
It does look like your hosting may have been removed sometime ago.

Perhaps you should open up a thread in the Frihost Support forum or give Bondings a PM to make sure it is looked at by someone who can help you with your hosting.

Glad you found your way back into your forum account though!
I found the first site you listed on the wayback machine. It looks like a homepage-only site existed in 2011, but apparently the July 2010 version has substantial content. Scraping the pages from Wayback is certainly not going to give you a complete site, but it will at least provide most of the text if there is no other backup.

For anyone else seeing this thread, I hope it reminds you to do regular backups. Of course after a couple of years backup copies for your computer might get misplaced too, but its good to make an effort to keep them.
Will have the server problem, or your user name and password is wrong
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