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Windows 7 update

I was received an update of windows 7 today and my setting is auto update so, when i restart my workstation to load the update it goes to normal with percentage or number of updates loaded.. then if find i wired when i my workstation boot up i get this different color flashing into my screen such as blue,green,gray,red, and many more colors.. i just observed it but it after 10 minutes of observation my workstation did not show the home page or the icons on my desktop all i saw is this different color exchanging so i decide to press reset button.

anyone encounter this update the same as mine?
Never had a problem with updates. Sounds like something in your workstation does not like the update. Always review update list so avoid conflicts.
Don't know whether this is the same I had with XP. During a Windows update Microsoft said it was unable to verify the XP software as original, i.e. suspicion of it being counterfeit. So the screen was almost black. I could still work with it, but it looked pretty awful.

I wonder whether it would help if you could check how Windows 7 software is verified. If there is a feature on your computer to do it, it may sort things out with the updates.

My problem was that I discovered last year that the technician who had put my computer together in 2008, had installed a different "Professional XP" on my computer, than the one I had purchased - which was the "Home Version", and regrettably I had not checked that the Home Version had a Product Key, which it had not. Any way, it took Microsoft that many years to discover that I had a counterfeit Windows software on my computer. Almost four years. Just when XP was almost obsolete. Twisted Evil

So in the end purchased a new XP Professional and took the opportunity of completely reformatting the hard disk. Which all turned out for the better, as my computer's performance increased almost two fold after that. I'm still on it. And still going strong *knock on wood!*
I suddenly found that I only got my desktop every other time I booted up
So I had to boot up twice so that I could get my desktop.
I found out lots of people got this.

I did get out of this though because you can restore from a prevously saved configuration

Look at your help and see if you can find something under the word "restore"
You will find a list of dates going back weeks . Select the most recent date that you know your system was ok

Good luck..
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